Charting Artist Deja Renee To Resume Releasing Music

At the beginning of the year Deja Renee gave us her itunes charting single “Jealous”. That song really took her to another level as an artist. Being an unsigned independent artist in todays world is tough but she has found a way to put eyes on her and make people feel her music.

We were able to get a sneak peak of the song she is releasing and I have to tell you, this one definitely takes the cake for me. I am not at liberty to speak on the details but I will say that this song is incredibly beautiful and calming. It just feels good when music is natural and effortless with vocals that refrain from straining. We can not wait for you to hear it!

Thank you Deja Renee for given us good music again. To know more about Deja Renee you can connect with her on Spotify @DejaRenee and Instagram @itsdejarenee