Check out these great tips to wear crop tops

Crop tops once again will fill up our wardrobe. The scarcity of fabric rises to the upper part of the body to show off the body. As always, we try to give you some advice that is usually based on common sense.

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We have seen and we are going to see the crop top or belly shirt, or crop tee or outer bra with tailored pants, long skirts, high-waisted pants, with jeans, miniskirts, shorts… In definitively, with anything as long as you take into account some things, which as always are based on looking for a compensated and balanced look based on your silhouette.

Tips for wearing a crop top or crop top:

– If you have wide hips and a narrow back, try to make the crop top compensate for that difference by looking for one that is wide, in a striking color, or printed.

– Likewise, if you choose a tight crop top, try to accompany it with an oversize blazer. You will give width to your upper part, compensating for the difference with the lower part.

– If you have a little belly, that is, the typical Michelin under the navel; choose pants or pencil skirts (or just long skirts), which rise above the navel. In this way, you will hide your love handle without giving up this trend.

– If you are short, better wear heels; you will look more stylish.

– Likewise, you can choose a garment in vertical stripes (better the lower part) to stylize your figure and look taller with the crop top. In this case, look for a crop top in a solid color.

– If you have a large bust and little hip, give importance to giving volumes in the lower part: wide pants or even with large prints. Avoid very wide tops.

– If your silhouette is an hourglass. Daughter, how lucky! You can afford to wear high-waisted shorts and crop tops in almost any style… (very festival-oriented, by the way).

Do you cheer up?

8 practical tips to use crop top and you can feel comfortable:

Some girls consider wearing a crop top a daring decision due to the length of these garments; most are too short for those used to just wearing baggy clothes to cool off, but maybe it’s time to let go of that trend that peaked a few years ago.

1. If you have broad shoulders, it is best to wear tops with long straps; On the contrary, if your shoulders are small, try thin straps to give an arguer effect in that area.

2. It may seem a bit contradictory, but if you wear a long garment over your crop top you can achieve a look that is too sensual.

3. You use a tight backless tank top and try to balance your look by wearing loose clothing at the bottom. You can try combining it with long skirts.

4. If you combine them with high-waisted pants you won’t have to worry if you don’t have such a toned figure.

5. If you wear a not-so-formal look, try tying a shirt around your waist, so you will divert your gaze to other parts of your body.

6. A leather jacket solves many problems as well as adds a lot of attitude to any outfit, so don’t hesitate for a moment to combine it with your tops.

7. Remember that this garment is responsible for highlighting the area of ​​your torso, so try not to load yourself with accessories in that part.

8. If you are short, a crop top above the navel can be your best ally, since it will give you the effect of long legs.

How to wear a crop top without showing your abdomen?

If you want to use this trend but you don’t dare to show part of your abdomen, then don’t worry, here we bring you the solution, it’s just a matter of taste.

With shirt underneath:

We saw this combination in all the catwalks ever, and for that reason, we will not say no. On the contrary, if you don’t want to show your belly but still don’t want to be left out of this trend, wear a black crop top over a white shirt. You can use it as a dress if it is a maxi shirt and if not with pants underneath.

Overprinted t-shirts:

Believe it or not, printed t-shirts can also work as a good base to wear your crop top. Take those t-shirts you have with rock bands or just animal prints and put your black top on top. You can even play with those shaped like a corset.

With a white shirt or t-shirt:

Following the line of the shirts under your crop top, a white t-shirt is also a good option if you are not one for shirts. It is a basic that we all have in the closet to wear under sweaters in the winter, so take advantage of the fact that you have it and make it shine with your latest fashion crop top.

Jacket over your crop top:

Another option to cover the possible ‘cartridge bags’ if you don’t feel comfortable with them, is to wear a jacket over your crop top, it can be a trench coat or a jacket made of soft fabrics that are perfect for halftime.

Now you know how to wear your crop tops, so don’t deprive yourself of them. Forget about that idea that they are only for bodies with perfect measurements and choose your favorite combination among all the options that we offer you. We are waiting for your looks!