Chief Minister’s Focus on Investments in Punjab Ignoring Security Threats

On Thursday, the Punjab police cancelled the FIR against Lovpreet Toofan, a close aide of self-proclaimed religious leader and Khalistan supporter, Amritpal Singh, citing sufficient evidence of Toofan’s innocence. However, the decision followed a protest by supporters of Amritpal and Toofan who reportedly wielded swords, guns, and lathis, attacking a police station and assaulting police personnel. Amritpal Singh has been gaining popularity in Punjab by openly backing the Khalistan movement, which seeks to separate Punjab from India. Singh is known to act like terrorist Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale.

An official has warned that violent acts followed by surrender are extremely dangerous for national security, especially as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) is working tirelessly to neutralize Khalistan elements, both in India and abroad. Since the NIA registered the case against the gangster-terrorist nexus, it has conducted four pan-India raids and arrested numerous gangsters and terror sympathizers.

The official further noted that the security situation in Punjab remains a concern as the ISI is attempting to revive the Khalistan movement with the help of terrorists and gangsters while propping up religious leaders to gain popularity among the common people of Punjab.

Former Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh had briefed Prime Minister Narendra Modi last year about the law and order situation in the state, expressing concern over the growing clout of Amritpal Singh. Captain Singh had warned that the state was heading down the same path it did during the days of Bhindranwale.

Critics argue that the Punjab police has done little to curb the growing influence of Amritpal Singh, whose roots in Dubai have not been adequately scrutinized. Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has questioned whether anyone has checked his track record, while senior BJP leader Lakshmi Kanta Chawla has described Amritpal as an agent of foreign intelligence agencies.

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann appears preoccupied with his “Invest Punjab Summit” event, seemingly unaware of the state’s deteriorating security situation, which some view as a sign of impending civil war.

Investing in a state where peace is at stake and where the safety and security of people from different religions is at risk would be a very unwise decision. Such a state may be facing a potential threat of civil unrest, and investing in such a place could put your money and even your life at risk. It is important to prioritize safety and stability when considering investment opportunities, and investing in a state that cannot provide these basic requirements is a decision that could have serious consequences.

Despite the Punjab government’s efforts to attract new investors to the state through the ‘Invest Punjab Summit’ on February 23-24, some current industrialists have declared their intention to relocate to other states if the government fails to address their grievances.