Chris Keil Signs Global Distribution Deal With Kobalt’s AWAL

The New Jersey rapper Chris Keil signed a worldwide distribution deal with AWAL, a UK-based record label owned by Kobalt. A major music rights and synch firm that boasts clients such as Lauv, Kim Petras, Roddy Ricch, FINNEAS, deadmau5, Steve Lacy, Little Simz and many more. AWAL will back Chris Keil with global distribution, music data analytics and then closely monitors his performance. As Chris Keil gains further traction in the music industry, hundreds of artists each year receive funding from AWAL to further boost their growth.

Chris Keil has released projects such as his mixtape :Young & Unlucky”. His debut EP “Floral”, and now his upcoming single under AWAL “ALPHA”

Chris Keil’s style of music is based on ambient sounds along with an aggressive bass. He has always loved the idea of drawing people’s attention with a smoothing melody or sample first, then keeping them hooked with a speaker breaking, yet amazing to listen to bass. This trick has worked wonders in all the songs that Chris Keil makes including in the EP “Floral”, which is a great amalgamation of rhythm and beats. This project tells personal situations that have been a part of Chris Keil’s life, such as, his love life and his journey as an artist.

The “Power House” rapper has loved music from a very young age, as music gave him a sense of emancipation with words and made him feel alive. He has had a portfolio made of all his raps and lyrics since he was in middle school; that’s how much he has believed in himself and his music.

Chris Keil is one of many artists that are leaving traditional record labels in favor of less restrictive distributors. In order to retain music rights and retain larger monetary cuts of their music’s streaming and sales. As technology and streaming has continued to grow and improve. This kind of distribution has become a very viable and attractive alternative to the traditional record label setup. Luring more and more major artists away every year.

The distribution deal with Kobalt’s AWAL will bring alot more awareness and creative control over the content Chris Keil delivers throughout his music career.