Christopher The Grey Offers His Latest Single, “Oh My Damn!”

Christopher The Grey, the Birmingham, Alabama-based recording artist, has released his most recent single, titled “Oh My Damn!” It is the first track to be released off his upcoming album, “The Departure.” As a result of the popularity of his earlier single, “So Hot,” which featured Snoop Dogg, Christopher The Grey has become well-known for his distinctive music style and varied background. “Oh My Damn!” showcases Christopher at his most open and forthright. Influenced by legendaries such as Prince, Christopher The Grey’s songs, which highlight his neo-old school approach, are infectious because he uses the momentum as a source of inspiration. Christopher’s latest composition demonstrates his uniqueness and his continued creative development. It also lays the road to making a prominent position in the music industry. 

Christopher The Grey’s random meeting with a teenager from New York who was in town to visit relatives sparked his interest in pursuing a career in music. Christopher’s participation in the rapping that was going on at the local event was what made an indelible mark on him. The New York teen had been encouraging Christopher to join in. Through his music, Christopher wants people to know that being yourself is acceptable. The majority of his songs reflect his life and the things he has been through. He wants people to know that it’s good to live a normal life, even though the majority of the time, it won’t be glamorous or extravagant. He firmly believes that creating new memories and experiencing life is where the joy is – doing things that make you say, “Oh My Damn!”

Listen to “Oh My Damn!” on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Jyotsnaa Sharrma

Freelance content sculptor, Jyotsnaa Sharrma formerly worked as Conference Producer. She is an MBA in Marketing with more than 16 years’ corporate experience. Fascinated with storytelling, paints, books, travel and yoga, her spare time is dominated by Quora. If you don’t find her writing then definitely you will find her experimenting either in her kitchen or DIYing (making something out of waste material J J )!!

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