Common Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

What Is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry refers to dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of your teeth. It offers a smile makeover for ensuring that you look better. People consider cosmetic dentistry in order to boost their confidence. It includes a variety of treatments such as fillings, dental bonding, teeth whitening, orthodontics, veneers, implants, and restorations.

Is Cosmetic Dentistry Expensive?

The cost of cosmetic dentistry varies. There are all types of procedures for every budget. However, it is important that you understand that many of the procedures require multiple visits and are not straightforward. This is why you would need to be prepared to pay a higher price. Fortunately, your dentist should provide a dental plan to suit your budget. It is quite common for dentists to provide flexible payment options. The reason why cosmetic dentistry is considered expensive is because it is not covered by insurance.

How Do You Find The Right Cosmetic Dentist?

Finding the right dentist who can address your requirements can seem difficult. It is a good idea to ask for recommendations from your friends, family members, and colleagues who have undergone a cosmetic procedure. Besides this, you can always walk around and make inquiries. Otherwise, you can turn to the internet and go through online reviews to determine which cosmetic dentist to select.

Which Problems Does Cosmetic Dentistry Address?

The following are some of the issues that a cosmetic dentist can help you out with.

  • Gaps
  • Uneven Teeth
  • Worn Down Teeth
  • Excess Gum Tissue
  • Discolored or Stained Teeth

Why Should You Consider Professional Teeth Whitening Instead of At-Home Treatment?

If you are thinking of whitening your teeth, you need an expert to help you out. A dentist would check your teeth and ensure that they are whitened correctly after examining your teeth thoroughly. He or she would determine if there are any concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Moreover, it is important that you understand that at-home whitening kits are risky and can damage your teeth. 

Do Veneers Fix Crooked Teeth?

Although veneers can fix crooked teeth, they are only effective if your teeth are a bit crooked. Veneers simply go over the existing teeth which is why you cannot rely on them for correcting a misaligned bite or crooked teeth. If your teeth are only slightly crooked, you do not need to spend a lot of money on Invisalign or braces and can opt for veneers to get that perfect smile. A great thing about veneers is that they can be customized based on the desired color, shape, and size to ensure that you get the results that you are looking for. You can also choose one or multiple veneers to straighten your teeth.

Do Crowns or Veneers Stain?

Since veneers are far more affordable and accessible, they have become an incredibly popular option. However, you might still have a few questions on your mind such as if they can stain. Since crowns and veneers are made using porcelain, you can rest assured knowing that they are resistant to staining. In fact, they are better resistant to stains than natural teeth. However, it is always best that you avoid eating or drinking anything that is likely to cause staining. Otherwise, your crowns or veneers would not match the surrounding teeth.

Can You Do Something About A Gummy Smile?

Excess gum tissue over the teeth causes a gummy smile. However, under the gum tissue are your teeth. This is why your dentist can use a laser for removing the gum tissue. After the procedure is done, the swelling and discomfort would subside. After you have healed, you will have a beautiful smile.

Can Cosmetic Procedures Improve Your Oral Health?

Even though you might think that every cosmetic dentistry treatment offers aesthetic benefits, the truth is that many of them are actually beneficial for your oral health which is why you should view the treatments positively. You can place veneers on your teeth to protect your enamel. Similarly, dental implants help keep your jawbone protected and prevent the teeth from damage. Now, most treatments might seem purely aesthetic, none of them are harmful. In fact, cosmetic dentistry helps improve the health of your teeth and gums in addition to enhancing your smile.

Is There Any Quick Way To Fix The Gap Between Your Teeth?

If there is a gap between two of your teeth and your smile is straight, you might think that spending a year or two wearing Invisalign or braces is too much effort. However, there are ways that offer quick results. The fastest option for filling a gap is dental bonding. It involves the use of a tooth-colored material which would be applied to your teeth until they match the surrounding teeth. In fact, the procedure can be completed within 30 minutes. But, you will need to get it redone after 4 to 8 years. Another option that can help get rid of the gap is veneers. As you might already know, veneers just need to be placed over the existing teeth. However, you will need to visit the dentist a few times to get veneers. On the positive side, they last up to 15 years or even more.

Do Teeth Whitening Treatments Damage Your Enamel?

Teeth whitening is possibly the most popular cosmetic dental procedure that just about everyone is interested in. Now, you need to understand that teeth whitening would only damage your enamel if the wrong method is used or if you undergo the procedure more frequently than suggested. Make sure that you avoid using an over-the-counter teeth whitening kit as it contains harsh chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide which is known to damage the enamel. In addition to this, the chemicals would result in your gums becoming more sensitive.

Are Cosmetic Treatments Obvious?

As cosmetic dentistry has undergone massive innovation over the years, most cosmetics that are performed today are barely obvious. This is why you have nothing to worry about and can easily undergo a cosmetic procedure.

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