Content Creator Joshua Blackwell aka Joshdifferent makes the entertainment world looks like a breeze.

After only making contact consistently for one month after returning from some personal depressing matters in his life, Joshdifferent has became a well established Conson creator. Growing to 15,000 followers in one month. Josh has also started acting. He will be in the film on Showtime “Let the right one in” directed by Tomas Alfredson. Details for the film have not yet been released.

Joshdifferent has also brung attention to multiple modeling agencies in New York, and was recently hand-picked through multiple applications to showcase his fit body, adorable facial structure, and nice smile. Josh openly says he does not like to toot his own horn and he gives all of his glory to God. He feels like everything that is happening It’s in gods hands.

Joshdifferent post videos every day on @joshdifferentlifestyle Instagram, Joshdifferent tiktok, Website and Joshdifferent vlogs YouTube channel. Joshdifferent is also a musician, And we look forward to seeing his work for many years to come.

Some similarities: DCyoungfly, lightskinmonte,etc