COVID-19’s Psychological Lessons to the Globe

In this age of globalism, we cannot define boundaries to any epidemic any more and thus the world as a combined community cannot grade diseases as a national calamity but will have to be recognised as a global emergency.

The earlier insensitivity to regional issues related to health and nutrition cannot be ignored or be graded as a voluntary act but mandatory.

In this heavily webbed world, social distancing is a huge challenge as human needs have roots to their resource world over. The pandemic whose spread compulsorily advocates social distancing is a challenge which requires great and timely efforts.

The highly paced modern lifestyles coming to a standstill is like wrongly expecting a speeding Ferrari to come to a complete stop on the sudden application of the brake – the drag and uncontrolled movement is anticipated by the experienced. Yet the efforts were done and after the initial turbulence, the major parts of the world has come to a standstill.

The people have closed themselves indoors, to rejuvenate their interpersonal bonds, to stop and think how unplanned their growth was, how materialism had blinded their vision so to address the important question of their very own existence. The arrogant who believed that they had enough facilities, now stare at their inability to face the pandemic and many boundaries with their high flowing flags realised how small their mast was.

The pandemic has exposed to us that we all in the globe foolishly compete symbolically yet none stand competent enough to save human lives in case of virus outburst.

The social distancing is being practised to contain the spread and the global economy has taken a huge toll. All that was fervently pursued as growth has evaporated like a bubble and has also taken a huge toll of human lives who were industrious contributors to economical growth.

These hours of social distancing are hours to contemplate what would be best for human existence and sustainable growth both marked parallels as equal priorities.

The social distancing hours are also hours and days to relive the humane experience of love and care, morally inspire the young generation on the ground , the lessons important to live. The webbed world which has wrongly left them connected yet aloof needs to be shaded with positive shades of humanity.

The social distancing hours are not to celebrate but to open our eyes to the cruel laws of the vulnerable human kingdom. We need to understand how our habitat needs more observation to conquer human life. The days of isolation is not to be consumed to harm our mental health with fear or depression but to regroup and reorganise to challenges of the future .

The arrogant mankind is shocked, yet it positively seems little early to safeguard many from what could have been the end of the human race.

Need of global consensus and laws on health and nutrition as a mandatory act and not voluntarily is the first lesson, to be followed by the second lesson that more needs to be expended on research that assures existence over luxurious and adventurous practices, the third lesson is that of alertness towards sanitation, the fourth lesson is to frame laws to check overpopulation and overcrowding and the fifth important one is of simple living over adventurism.

We reap what we sow -as our pandemic speaks loud and clear of our ignorance, greed and irresponsibility towards human life – our very own breath that we respire.