Crested Butte-Based bluegrass Band Floodgate Operators Has Released Their Latest Single, “New Mexico Winds”

Hailing from the Centennial State, Floodgate Operators is back with a new track, “New Mexico Winds.” Freshly released under Squid Rider Records, it is the sneak preview of their eagerly-awaited debut album, “Flood The World,” which is set to release sometime in April, according to the sources. “New Mexico Winds” is a beautiful track featuring incredible melodies and a unique western vision that is sure to make listeners fall in love.
It was inspired by American Old West’s Billy the Kid and banjoist Ryan Maddux’s intriguing sensation and visualization. Maddux imagined the thoughts of Billy the Kid during his time as he repeatedly slipped away from the authorities as he voyaged across the pulchritudinous landscapes of New Mexico. The band masterfully transports listeners back in time by using pleasant sound paired with a variety of lyrical instrumentation to recreate memories and recollections.

Formed in 2018, Floodgate Operators is known for making music that is both unique and pleasant. Kevin Doherty (twelve-string guitar), Ryan Maddux (banjo), Scott Stewart (six-string guitar), Zach Vaughter (mandolin), and Sebastian Akesson (bass) make up this rising band. They made a grand entry in the music world with their debut EP, ‘Drought Driven Days’ in 2020, which was undoubtedly well-received by their listeners. All five talented musicians are brimming with zeal and passion, which connects them on a deeper level and inspires them to create captivating music that entices everyone.

“New Mexico Winds” is now available on Spotify and all of the major streaming platforms. Check out the behind-the-scenes footage on Floodgate Operators’ YouTube channel

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