CrossFit Champion Dani Elle Speegle Shuts Down Haters: ‘I’m Sick of This Narrative’

Dani Elle Speegle, a CrossFit icon and social media influencer, recently called out the haters who pass judgement on women powerlifters. The NBC Titan Games champion, who has been in the industry since childhood and professionally since 2015, was inspired to speak out after receiving a hate message from an unknown follower. The message read, “Please leave women the way they are, lift your weights if it makes u fulfilled. Women should not lift heavy weights, we need them curvy not muscular.”

Speegle, who inspires millions of fans through her social media posts, was not going to take this lying down. She posted a reel with her achievements and videos of her heavy lifting, accompanied by a scathing caption. In it, she said, “Well you and any other man who thinks this way can kiss my strong, curvy ass…I’m so sick of this narrative. I’m done hearing that women can’t be strong AND beautiful. I’m done hearing that women can’t be muscular AND feminine. I’m done hearing that women can’t be powerful AND sexy. I’m done hearing that women can’t be athletic AND intelligent. I’m done hearing that women can’t have successful careers AND an amazing family life. Simply put, I’m done hearing that women…can’t.”

Her followers came out in full support of her powerful message, with comments such as “Any guy saying that is insecure in ways that will surely disappoint a woman in more ways than one!”, “It’s 2023, and men are still out here thinking women exist solely to please them…” and “He’s probably sitting on the sofa eating a bag of Cheetos crying for his mom to turn the thermostat up.”

Speegle’s call to action against the trolls is a much-needed reminder that women can be strong and beautiful, muscular and feminine, powerful and sexy, athletic and intelligent, and have successful careers and amazing family lives. We’re done hearing that women can’t.