Cyber Boy Corp.’s CEO, Roy Andrade, Remains Undefeated

On October 23, 2020, Dr. Rich Schultz, of the University of Phoenix, announced the nomination of Roy Andrade, CEO, Cyber Boy Corp. of Beverly Hills, Ca to THE NATIONAL SOCIETY OF LEADERSHIP AND SUCCESS. Roy Andrade has lead his company into the Promised Land and has received applause from many business leaders for his genius in making his newly developed company profitable during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mr. Roy Andrade has had very little time to enjoy his success and hard at work to make his mark in history as a business icon. Mr. Roy Andrade rise to power is due to his belief in God and self-respect. “I firmly believe that if a person believes in God and takes the rights steps in life that he or she will eventually become victorious. It’s hard to become this successful and expect paved roads ahead. There are always going to be obstacles, hurdles, and stuoid people who will try everything in their power to stop us from researching new levels. It’s up to us, to make sacrifices, and keep aiming for success. Cyber Boy Corp. would have never grown this fast if I had associated myself with mindless people. People who find entertainment in foolishness and are complacent with themselves are the type of people I can not stand to be around. [Long Pause] Cyber Boy Corp. hires the finest people in our industry!”

Mr. Roy Andrade has experienced many losses, including $750K, due to the pandemic, when J.C. penney and Frontier Communications filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. His investment portfolio dropped from $750K down to $0.00. He shoveled money back into the stock market and appears to be reluctant to think that history will repeat itself, where his investment account will drop to $0.00 as it did earlier this year. One thing is certain, Mr. Roy Andrade is highly capitalized and moving forward with resiliency through the pandemic. While other businesses are closing their doors for good, Mr. Andrade, is keeping them open and hiring new talent as we speak as new contracts are signed on the dotted line.

“I was caught off guard! I received two very important, despondent emails. One involved Frontier Communications and the other involved J.C. Penney. All I remember reading is Case No. 20-20182 and Case No. 20-22476. That was it! I forwarded the emails to my attorney, Donald Hilland, of San Fernando, Ca. I remember his call. He called me at 3:17AM, and stated that they, Frontier Communications and J.C. Penney, had filed for bankruptcy. Which meant, by law, I was not going to be able to sell my shares, because they we’re worthless.”

Cyber Boy Corp. is currently working with Noah Fuentes, Pangaea Visions, Founder, in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Cyber Boy t-shirts in Northern California and Europe. and share common ground, they are run by highly intelligent businessmen that turn dreams into a reality and provide their fanbase with insight on what it takes to be successful in any industry.

Rolando Garcia

Rolando Garcia has been a technology writer for the last 15 years and has worked with world-leading technology brands on countless tech writing projects. He is a graduate from The University of Sydney with a degree in Engineering and Computer Science.

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