Dallas-based Rock N’ Roll Band The Dirty Shirts Have Enticed Listeners with Their New Single, “Shake” 

The Dirty Shirts is back with their latest single, “Shake,” which will be featured in their forthcoming full-length project. “Shake” is a hip-swaying throwback that will make the audience groove to its beats. The unflinching, jazz-tinged nibbles of singer and lead guitarist Nick Santa Maria are brilliantly combined with the guest vocal spot from Rachel Farrell on this groovy track. It also incorporates the soulful flair of acts such as The Rolling Stones and Rival Sons, making it a “Dance Floor Rock n Roll” track. The Dirty Shirts worked with multi-Grammy winner Tre Nagella at Luminous Sound studio on “Shake” and the band’s upcoming album. 

“Shake” encapsulates everything that made Nick fall in love with music, from big vocal hooks, huge drums, driving bass lines to the big guitars. This is one of those songs that immediately catches attention. “Shake” perfectly describes the feeling of two people meeting by chance in the haze of a club or a show and falling into obsessive infatuation without knowing whether or not they will see each other again. It’s a strong feeling but only lasts when they’re both in the club and ends when they walk out the door. If you’ve ever felt such emotions, you’ll be able to relate to the song!

“Shake” is now available on all major platforms, including Spotify. To know more about ‘The Dirty Shirt’s’ upcoming project, follow them on Instagram.