Dan LeBatard Has Been Absent From ESPN for Three Weeks

Dan LeBatard has allegedly been absent from ESPN for continuously three weeks because of his pre-wedding honeymoon and other ‘personal matters’.

His fans who have been missing Le Batard during his extended three weeks on-air absence from ESPN are thinking what could be the reason of Le Batard’s absence. The Dan Le Batard Show With Stugotz had announced on Friday that Le Batard would be returning to the both shows, ESPN Radio and ESPNews on Nov. 11th.


However, a local newspaper published; “Le Batard has been off the air for several weeks, first for a long-planned pre-wedding honeymoon and more recently to attend to what the show called “personal matters.” Both shows have continued with various guest hosts in his absence.”

Le Batard will return to his ESPN television show is Highly Questionable

Le Batard, who recently got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, Valerie Scheide plan to get wed-locked in late 2019. Currently the couple is busy enjoying their pre-wedding honeymoon.

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