Dark Ambient Musician sweeep To Release wake up before u die album

Emerging dark ambient producer sweeep will be releasing her upcoming album, wake up before u die on the 15th of April via Sonical Dior. On the LP, listeners will find the previously unheard ‘blood runs cold’ as well as her latest single, ‘crise’ which was accompanied by a surreal video. The unusual artist has previously been supported by The Line Of Best Fit, Red Bull, Inverted-audio and Future Mag publications, established Youtube channels Ambient and the_accidental_poet, Bass Nation, and Fluidified as well as appearing on BBC Radio Bristol. sweeep has also worked with well-known names including Eevee and the enigmatic WTCHCRFT and has performed live with Lil Peep  as well as toured the globe performing in London, Poland, Canada and several shows in NYC, Seattle, LA, Chicago and Halifax, CA during her US tour. In total, her unique sound has collected over 1.3 million plays across platforms.

While sweeep is originally from Stockholm, Sweden, she currently splits her time between her birth city and Berlin. An alumnus of the Redbull Music Academy, sweeep began her career as an intern designer at a music software company, which pushed her to learn everything about electronic music production to be able to design the tools. While creating her sound, the artist draws influence from everything she listened to throughout her life and uses it as creative fuel for her delightfully unexpected masterpieces. Her own sound calls to mind the likes of oOoOO, Clams Casino, Holy Other and Lorn.

An album created for the dark of night and depth of the unknown, wake up before u die establishes itself firmly in the realm of the unexpected. Opening with light notes, we’re quickly introduced to the menacing and dark underworld of writhing synths and magnetic basslines. ‘blood runs cold’ builds tension with echoing eerie notes and ghostly vocals calling for release, a small hint of what to expect from the cinematic album ahead. 

The artist tells us about the creation of her latest album: “A guy I used to skate with left a synth and a drum machine at my place for a few weeks since he had nowhere to store them. I just started to play around with them, especially the MicroBrute synth. I love how the thick bass sound could fill up a whole soundscape alone with just some effects, and I wanted to keep the final songs as close as possible to the live recording, representing the moment it was made without too many adjustments. I also went to studio “EMS” in Stockholm and made the tracks “starstorm”, “pearly gate” and “wildflower” with their microwave synth.”