Davis Guitar Review. The major distributor and retailer of musical instruments

When we mention you “Davis Guitar” what’s the first thing that pops up on your mind? If you thought of “music” or “guitars” then we have to tell you you’re not wrong, and in this article we’re going to be talking about this successful music shop.

What’s Davis Guitar?

Talking about Davis Guitar is referring to one of the most successful music shops in Singapore, which focuses mainly on having all of their clients happy and with the best products and attention they can give them. 

They sell all kinds of guitars, from electric to acoustics, from basses to microphones. Everything music-involved you need, you’ll surely find it in this authentic shop. And we call it “authentic” because they even make their own guitars from scratch. Amazing huh?

Davis Guitar Official Website: https://www.davisguitar.com/

Short review on Davis Guitar’s story

Talking about Davis Guitar’s music shop equals talking about their history, which is heart-touching and simple. They began as a small shop in Singapore back in 1989. They started working from the basses and kept going until they became the successful shop they’re nowadays.

Now when you visit them you see they can’t be described as “small shop” ass you’d have to do at the beginning. They’ve become to be the major music shop distributor and retailer of musical instruments in Singapore. 

What can you find on Davis Guitar’s music shop?

We told you they focus on music instruments and even sell their own homemade guitars but that’s not it. Being the big music shop distributor they are, they need to have all of the musical tools any musician could need.

Like so, to give you a clear view on what they sell we are enlisting you some of the music implements they sell for all the musicians.

  • Guitars: they are Davis Guitar’s specialties and these are the most looked for instruments of the shop.
  • Amplifiers: they are every electric guitar player’s best friend, and also one of the most bought items in the shop.
  • Guitar parts: need a guitar pedal? Don’t worry.
  • Accessories: their guitar bands are beautiful and easy to put on. 

What can people tell us about Davis Guitar’s music shop?

Enough of telling you details about Davis Guitar’s music shop. It’s time for you to take a look on what people have said about it, their opinions and impressions. They’re mostly positive and talk about the quality of their music products and public attention.

Looking at their Facebook page we would see they have a 4.5/5 stars punctuation. Some of the comments are like the followings:

  • “Really great service and support”.
  • “Staff is very nice”.
  • “… Patience and willingness to serve”
  • “Ordered some items online, delivery was super quick and very nicely packed!”
  • “… A very nice variety of options and price range, most importantly, friendly management!”
  • “… Service is excellent!”

So if you’re in Singapore or are there visiting, and you’re also a musician, we recommend you to go to Davis Guitar’s music shop and live the experience.