Delanda McNair asserts that God orchestrated her writing career; for more information, watch her full interview on Uncut With Lucia

Delanda McNair is the latest acclaimed author featured on WorldAuthors.Org. UNCUT WITH LUCIA is a WorldAuthors.Org series that showcases and promotes the work of aspiring and established writers and authors from around the world. The team at WorldAuthors.Org worked hard to provide its audience with interviews with acclaimed authors and writers. Delanda McNair is a published author who hails from the city of Roper, North Carolina. She chose to be an author after working in a range of miscellanies such as food service, customer service, travel and tourism, vehicle transport, P & C insurance, and caregiver. She has successfully published two of her books, titled “Father, Then The Eyes Can See” and “YOU Taught Me.”

Delanda, the fourth of five children, has very supportive parents who helped her find her way. She frequently asserts that her parents instilled good values in her and her siblings. They instilled in her the importance of family, helping others, self-improvement, integrity, character, and a relationship with God. All of which contributed to her becoming the woman she is today. Her parents have always been strategic in providing a life full of contentment and happiness for their children.

Her writing career did not begin as an act of obedience; it wasn’t until much later that she realized what a sweet therapeutic gift it would provide. Initially, she had little interest in writing. Be that as it may, a simple conversation with her younger sister catapulted her ambitions to new heights. She shared how the message of that conversation carried over into her dreams, which turned into notes, and the notes further turned into a published book, which turned into another published book. Undoubtedly more published books will be available, as the author has already started working on her third and fourth books. She intends to continue to send a powerful message to her readers with writings.

Delanda credits God for orchestrating her entire writing process because as she never considered writing. Now she is looking forward to each part of the journey. 

Delanda is a full-time caregiver in addition to being a published author. She writes to remind her readers that they can give and receive better and eventually the best if they want it and decide and choose to obtain it.

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