Delectably Dark Exhibits Diverse and Engaging Range of Sounds in House Music for Every Listener

Perditio has released Delectably Dark, an incredible and diverse blend of various house tracks that showcase each artists’ style while creatively coming together to make an amazing album that any avid house fan can enjoy. The album consists of 11-tracks, with appearances from RZ, Chak Boolay, CarteBlanche, MotiveSoul, CARZ, Jkns and Eddy Vincent, among others.

The compilation album proves to listeners the abundance of options when it comes to house music, with each artist masterfully providing their own original blend to the final product. House music is a subgenre of electronic dance music, characterized by a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and minimal lyrics. The heavy use of bass drums, snare drums, claps, and off-beat hi-hats can be used in numerous different ways to create each original house piece. Despite not telling a story as much through words, each track successfully creates its vision via the music itself, allowing the production to take over and completely indulge listeners in a majestic experience of experimental sound. 

Starting with more stereotypical and expected house sounds of the beginning tracks, “OTT” and “Like This Shxt,” the album then takes a more interesting turn into “Can’t Be” by CarteBlanche, who takes advantage of an interesting, accordion-like sound to create a memorable effect that represents the twisting and turning, constantly changing phases of the song. The contrasting sounds bounce off one another from seemingly different angles and make for an entertaining track to dance to. Another track that amazingly leaves a lasting impression like this is “Groovy Violin” by Eddy Vincent, so don’t forget to give the 7th song on the album a listen as well.

The pounding bassline of “Awakened” brings a more dark and sinister sound to the group, with vibrations connecting directly with listeners and leaving them wanting more. The listener is transported back to a club or music festival setting with the intense “Break” by CARZ and the upbeat and playful “Playground” by Jkns. 

See what else Delectably Dark has in store by tuning into the remaining tracks by Kreative Nativez and DJ X-Trio, Bassick Behaviour, Wildwayz and Pando G. “Perditio is where the fun lives,” claim Perditio members, who surely supply a fun and entertaining listening experience with Delectably Dark.

Listen now to Delectably Dark, available on all major platforms and follow Perditio on Instagram @perditioinc or through their website for more information and future updates.