Discover Rackword, A Real-time Multiplayer Word Game to Stay Connected with Friends and Family

Pandemic-related mobility restrictions prevent us from visiting our friends and family. We can no longer interact with them or even play our favorite board games. Many people have turned to online solutions to overcome the situation. Discover today Rackword, a real-time multiplayer word game that will help you stay connected with family and friends without leaving the comforts and safety of your home. Discover how this digital word game can be the magic cord that connects you to the rest of the world, pandemic or not.


Rackword is the high-tech 21st-century answer to your beloved 20th-century word game. It has the same game principles. You rely on your mastery of vocabulary and harness your strategic thinking to outwit other players in coming up with the highest possible letter-combination scores. 

Traditional Scrabble requires players to be in front of the game board with their respective letter tiles and rack. Rackword has no such requirement. You can play it in your home, while other players can be elsewhere. They can be on the other side of the world or another part of the country. You can play a classic word game as if you are sitting in front of the same table.

The best part about Rackword is you can challenge yourself. If your family or friends are no match to your vocabulistics, the app can match you against an AI. Pit your wit against the machine. Prove, once and for all, that the human brain is still many times better than any computer.


Rackword is not your traditional Scrabble that jumped from a conventional game board into the digital screen. It has enough features that make playing both fun and challenging. Here are some of the unique features you need to know.

  • Free to Play
    Many gaming apps today are free to play to a certain extent. Only by purchasing in-game merchandise will you be able to unlock advanced game features. That is why some players resort to cheating or employing some hack to get around these unnecessary in-game purchases.

    Once you download Rackword into your smartphone, you can play it straight away. There are no complicated setups to mess your desire to play the game. Just look for a cozy spot and get on with it.
  • Timed Turns
    The beauty of playing traditional Scrabble is that you can extend your playing time before making your move. Some players deliberately postpone their turn to come up with the most letter-combination score.

    You cannot do that with Rackword. The game has time-based turn gameplay you can set anywhere between 30 seconds and two minutes. This feature encourages you to think fast and strategize. It also allows a faster turnaround, eliminating boredom.
  • Multiplayer Options
    Like many digital games, Rackword comes with different multiplayer options. You can play the word game as a free-for-all by competing against one to three players. The game also allows a team approach. You partner with another player to go up against another pair in a classic two vs. two game mode.
  • Multiple Game Board Size
    The traditional Scrabble game board has 225 tiles or squares in a 15×15 configuration. Rackword lets you determine the game board size. If you want a more challenging game, you might want to opt for a 21×21 board.
  • Detailed Progress Monitoring
    How can you develop your word mastery if you do not know where you stand after each game? Rackword gives you a very clear picture of your performance. You get to learn your game rating and compare it with your family and friends.
  • A Growing Community
    Rackword is not only going to let you stay connected with your family and friends. It can also open doors of friendship to other people you may not know now. The Rackword community is on the rise, and it will only get bigger as more people discover the joys of playing this word game.


With or without the pandemic-related mobility restrictions, Rackword remains an entertaining and cognitively stimulating game. It marries a classic word game with the technological advances of 21st-century digital games. Join the growing number of people discovering the joys of playing Rackword, a real-time multiplayer word game that lets you stay connected with friends and family.

To know more about Rackword visit: www.rackword.com
Facebook: @rackwordgame
Twitter: @rackwordgame

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