Discovering the Sound of Ozorne, the atmospheric Beatsmith and Studio Producer

Ozorne, also known as O³, is a talented artist born in Eswatini, Southern Africa, in 1989. He is currently living in Johannesburg, South Africa, where he continues to hone his craft as a “beatsmith and studio producer.” Ozorne draws inspiration from numerous cultural styles, resulting in a distinctive sound with meditative qualities and Lo-fi texture and aesthetics.

Since releasing his first original material back in 2013, Ozorne has proven himself to be an exceptional artist with a natural flair for music. With each new release, he captivates listeners with his deeply emotional, innovative, calming, and reflective soundscape, creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind.

Ozorne’s latest album, The Tea Party Vol: 5, is a musical masterpiece that transcends creative boundaries, showcasing his compositional prowess. Each of the nine tracks presents a unique sonic soundscape, ranging from the enigmatic aura of “Grandmaster’s Tutelage”, the ambient darkness and dynamic arrangements of “Body Conditioning,” to the hypnotic percussion and ethereal effects of “Cold Rocks on Rotten Logs. No Warmth in Winter.”

The Tea Party series holds a special significance for Ozorne, reflecting his passion for conceptual ideas. Inspired by his could have been travels to China, where he sought to learn the ancient art of tea-making and discover the secrets of the Shaolin Monks, the album embodies the essence of his imaginational journey. Dreamy, nostalgic, and highly atmospheric, The Tea Party Vol: 5 is based on analog-flavored synths, field recordings, and many saturation effects, giving the album personality and warmth.

Ozorne’s compositions are filled with slow-moving pads and pulsating rhythms that feel nostalgic and evocative, like memories from long ago. If you allow yourself to trust the artist’s vision and let it happen, you’ll be transported to a different time and place as you listen to this magnificent album.

Listeners describe Ozorne’s music as deeply emotional, calming, and reflective, making it an excellent space to unwind. With a growing fan base, there is no doubt that Ozorne’s latest album will continue to capture hearts. The Tea Party Vol: 5 is a must-listen for Ozorne fans and music enthusiasts who spend their time listening to lo-fi, chill hop and hip hop alike. The Tea Party Vol: 5 offers a mesmerizing sonic texture that will leave you feeling inspired and relaxed.

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You can reach Ozorne on website, Spotify @Ozorne, Apple Music, Instagram @prince_ozorne_i and YouTube @ozorne