Earthy Songstress Amber Ikeman Releases New Single “Rocky Mountains”

Spirited and earthy Folk-Pop songstress Amber Ikeman recently released her newest single called “Rocky Mountains.” You can listen to the song, produced by Amber Ikeman and Aaron Howard, HERE!

With poignant lyrics like how could I try to erase the curves and the lines my grandmothers gave me, I’m trying to fully embrace the way my hips resemble the landscape, “Rocky Mountains” describes the journey to self-acceptance, which many listeners are sure to relate to.

“I’ve been in eating disorder recovery for a long time, but I recently realized there was a missing piece: fully accepting my body no matter what it looked like or how it changed,” Amber explains. “It’s really hard to do that in a world that’s always telling women to be smaller and not take up too much space. But, something clicked when I was on a songwriting retreat in Idaho in 2021 – I woke up one morning and looked at myself in the mirror, and then at the mountains outside, noticing the similarities. It brought me so much peace. I started free-writing about it, which turned into this song. It helped me appreciate the things about my body that beauty standards often deem flawed.”

For more information, visit www.AmberIkeman.com and follow Amber on Facebook @Amber Ikeman, Instagram @amberikemanmusicTikTok and Spotify @Amber Ikeman.

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