Elizabeth Hurley, 57, Flaunts Her Rock-Hard Abs in Latest Bikini Picture

Elizabeth Hurley, the 57-year-old actress known for her role in Austin Powers, has recently shared bikini picture on Instagram showcasing her rock-hard abs and sculpted legs in a white string bikini. The actress, who has been busy with her self-care lately, took the photos to promote her limited edition Parrot Robe from her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

The actress’s fans and friends were impressed by her glowing and healthy complexion, with many leaving fire emojis in the post’s comments section. Hurley credits her mother with teaching her the importance of self-care, as she used to retire into the bath for 20 minutes of relaxation every night. Hurley herself is also a big fan of self-care, especially taking relaxing baths.

In addition to self-care, Hurley stays active by gardening, which she can do all year round. She has shared that she feels exhausted and satisfied after a good yard work session and would instead do housework than go to the gym.

Hurley keeps it natural when it comes to food, opting for simple and natural foods with no chemicals or additives. She tries to eat locally grown meats and vegetables at home in the countryside.

Elizabeth Hurley continues to inspire fans with her strong and healthy body and commitment to self-care. Her love for gardening and natural food only adds to her impressive wellness routine.