Emerging Canadian Teen Popstress Cmagic5 ignites your soul through her latest bop ‘Dancing On My Heart’

Emerging teen talent, under the moniker of Cmagic5 is a high-octane and soulful Canadian singer/songwriter, musician, and a recording artist – a triple threat from Toronto, who started humming before talking. At age 4 she began performing in musical theatre, dance performances, and vocal competitions. By 10, she had written and composed her own songs. Having completed her music theory and classical vocal training from the world-renowned Royal Conservatory at only 16, she is now a qualified vocal mentor to the Gen Z. She is also an ambassador for mental health awareness on various platforms and actively supports charity organizations with a mission to help teens with insecurities, build their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem. 

With her rich, mellifluous, soulful vocals coming from a petite frame, Cmagic5 has the power to evoke a profound response. Her music is contemporary pop with a refreshing blend of old school vibes and futuristic sounds with the uniqueness of her sound created by fusing other sub-genres. Her music and distinctive sense of fashion are the essence of her captivating brand. 

Following the recent success of her debut Album “Ready To Run”, she has garnered an impressive 10 million+ plays and counting across all digital streaming platforms and has been featured in international blogs and media publications.

Cmagic5’s latest pop-rock track “Dancing on my Heart” is the ultimate ‘pick-me-up’, crafted with top writers and producers. The single explodes with feel-good vibes, clever lyricism, sassy undertones, and ‘sugar-coated’ gooeyness, reminding us of our irresistible guilty pleasures. The track oozes with soulful vocals, powerful beats, and catchy melodies, accompanied by her charismatic delivery.  The track has surpassed 3 million views & counting on TikTok within 3 weeks of its release and was the #1 Trending Hashtag #Dancingonmyheart on Twitter on its release day.

It’s her dedication to excellence that keeps Cmagic5 at the top of her game. However, crafting radio-ready bangers isn’t the only thing on this up-and-coming Canadian pop artist’s mind. Cmagic5 is focused on aiding her listeners through that one breakup that still lingers around, like venom in their veins. “This track emphasizes the ‘moving on’ phase after falling out of a relationship, and the frustration that develops when you’re falling in love with the same person…” (But hey, it happens!). This is summed up beautifully in her lyrics “I keep giving in and that’s my crime”. In a fun and playful way, it’s all about holding your Ex responsible for your inability to move on. Throughout, Cmagic5 hints that her Ex is her “guilty pleasure’. 

Have you ever been in love?  Take a listen to this track or even better check out the spicy, colorful music video which is bound to make your heart dance right here: 

Setting the stage for a promising career ahead, Cmagic5 is here to mesmerize you. 

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