EMF protective phone cases

Watching the EMF phone case market closely, we wondered did the No.1 EMF protective phone case provider Cruz Cases, go under? We were very glad to receive notice that new Cruz 2-in-1 case fitting both the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro phones in finally supplying a long line of eagerly waiting customers demanding the best in cell phone radiation protection. 

In addition, Cruz is also releasing a new design of its popular Cruz Universal phone case that fits any of the larger Pro Max phones sold by any manufacturer. “I’ve listened to our customer feedback and made the Universal case even better” reported John Cruz, founder and designer of the Cruz phone cases. 

Covid and shipping issues delayed the release of the new radiation blocking phone cases.  Cruz cases offer the highest level of cell phone radiation protection that is directed into your brain and body. The Cruz cases always had its special look and feel beating out the competition in looks and performance.  

Look for Cruz cases at www.CruzCases.com and online retailers at the start of the year for $45. If you are looking for the best anti-radiation phone case, look no further. Cruz cases has been worth the wait.