EQ Modern: Leading the Way in the Luxury Condo Furniture Market in Miami

In an interview with Samuel Arakel, co-founder of EQ Modern, we learned about the thriving condo furniture market in Miami and how his company is meeting the demand for luxury, functional, and modern furniture.

According to Arakel, there is a constant demand for high-end condo furniture in Miami, as there are new luxury apartment developments being built every year. “Our customers want furniture that is not only stylish and modern, but also made with high-quality materials that will last for years to come,” he said.

EQ Modern is able to meet these needs with their wide range of furniture options that combine luxury designs with functional materials. “We offer a variety of furniture styles, from traditional to contemporary, so our customers can find something that fits their personal taste and complements their living space,” Arakel explained.

Overall, EQ Modern is approaching the Miami market in a unique and successful way, thanks to their focus on luxury and functionality. And with Arakel’s expertise in digital marketing and branding, the company is well-positioned for continued growth and success in the future.

In 2022, Samuel, along with his friends Jerry Skukowski and Ralph Lucky, opened EQ Modern Furniture in Fort Lauderdale, which quickly gained attention for its original and modern interior design and the availability of Polish furniture, which can only be found at EQ Modern. Samuel’s expertise in promotion and marketing has contributed to the international recognition of the brand in a short period of time. Currently, investors are interested in collaborating with the brand to develop and introduce new products.

EQ Modern offers the largest selection of modern furniture with sleeping options, functional modern furniture made from the most practical and modern materials in various color shades. EQ Modern offers living room furniture (chairs, sofas, couches, beds), as well as chests of drawers, wardrobes, dressers, TV stands, outdoor furniture, modern open tables, custom open furniture, barstools, and more.

In the new year, EQ Modern also introduced modern indoor and outdoor doors to their offering, with approximately 150 different types and colors of modern doors produced in Europe.
EQ Modern is a rapidly growing company

You can reach them through the website eqmodernfurniture.com