Escape to Paradise: Discover Why the Maldives is the Ultimate Destination for Your Next Friends Getaway

The concept of the ‘bestiemoon’ is all the rage right now. In today’s lockdown-free, post-pandemic world, people are placing more importance than ever on taking time out of their schedules to spend quality time with loved ones, be they family or friends.

When it comes to looking at far-off destinations for fun getaways with friends, the Maldives isn’t usually the first on the list, being more well-known for its appeal to couples and families, however, if you and your bunch of besties want to live it up in luxurious island bliss, the Maldives has the right elements to make it a trip to remember!

Undeniable Perks

What’s not to love about pristine, crystal-clear water and soft sand that feels amazing under your feet? Add swaying palms, blue, cloud-free skies and a gentle ocean breeze and it completes the picture of an idyllic island vacation. Whether you’re travelling solo, with your better half, with the kids or with your besties, a beach vacation works for everyone.

But the Maldives has more to offer than just scenic views, which makes it a surprisingly good choice for a trip with friends.

All the Fun Contained in One Island

Getting your inner circle together in one place can be challenging; especially if you’re not in your teens or early twenties anymore.

Schedules can be hard to match and other commitments such as work and family can always come into play,  even during a well-planned event or vacation in your home country. Even if you make it to your group holiday, there’s also the chance that your group might break off into smaller parties as people split up to explore different locations and attractions at the destination.

The Maldives presents a good solution to all of the above.

Being a far-off destination, and an archipelago full of private resort islands, it’s safe to say that once you get past the drama of sorting out who’s in, who’s out and where you’ll be staying, you’re all set. The moment you step into your island bubble, thousands and thousands of miles away from home, your besties are going to stay put.

No Dilemmas Over the Best Places to Go

Once you’ve settled on your resort(s), no time or stress needs to be spent after arrival on looking up popular local hangouts or agreeing on which attractions to visit – you’re already in the best place! The island resorts are created in a way that they’re a world of their own with plenty to do and experience within their bubble.

This makes for a stress-free holiday for whoever is usually the de-facto trip planner of the group. And, adding on from the previous point, since everyone will be contained to one, paradisiacal island, no effort needs to be spent on keeping the group together for the duration of the trip. You can all focus on relaxing and catching up!

A Party Residence All to Yourself

What’s better than having your besties all on one island? Having everyone together in a beautiful luxury residence overlooking the Indian Ocean!

For example, Imagine yourselves staying at a private multi-bedroom residence like the one below that’s set over the ocean and comes with plenty of indoor and outdoor living space:.

InterContinental Maldives – 2 Bedroom Overwater Villa Maldives:

You could spend as much quality time as you want together against a backdrop of blue waters and blue skies and with no others in sight. Recount all tales as loudly as you’d like and laugh as hard as you want – you’ll have all the privacy you’ll need.

Things to Do in the Maldives that are Better with Friends!

That’s not to say that everyone is stuck on a small island with nothing to do. If the picture-perfect beaches and water are not enough of an upside, the Maldivian resort islands also come equipped with an endless list of activities, amenities and experiences for guests to take part in.

This includes multiple restaurants and bars, spas, watersports, indoor games, daily resort activities such as movie nights on the beach and more.

Out of those, here are some in particular that are even enjoyable when you have your friends with you:

  • Sundowners on the beach. Plenty of resorts offer special deals on sundowners or throw a mini-party at sunset out at a beach bar. Knocking back a few Mai Tai’s with friends can be a lot more fun when there are more adults in the equation. Let loose and party it up on the beach!
  • If you’re on a same-sex bestiemoon, consider a gal’s or guy’s spa day! Almost every luxury resort has an onsite spa.
  • Snorkelling at a resort’s house reef is always fun. Since there are many of you, it could also be worth chartering a special excursion to a popular snorkelling or diving spot further out from the resort.
  • Watersports are always fun when there are more people to get up to mischief or share the thrill with. Maldivian resorts tend to come equipped with all kinds, such as jet skiing, water skiing, windsurfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, flyboarding, surfing and more!
  • Ringing in the New Year, island-style! Travellers who’ve been to the Maldives before at the end of December will know that the island resorts tend to go all out with New Year celebrations for guests. Counting down to the New Year with your inner circle of buddies can make it a trip for your history books!
  • Skill-up together with a PADI certification. Many resorts offer scuba diving lessons and exams at their watersports centre.
  • Head out into the sea on a luxury yacht or a boat as you sail around the island and toast to the sunset or on a dolphin-watching expedition. Again, the more the merrier!
  • Indulge in a bespoke dining experience. Many Maldivian resorts arrange private dining for guests that request it. Imagine tables set out on the beach, by the waves by lamplight on a secluded part of the shore; or even a private picnic for your group on a neighbouring island.