Experimental Mash Gallery is a Fusion of Fashion, Music, Photography, and Other Creative Art Forms

Situated in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Mash Gallery, has quickly become an emerging creative space for both new and experienced artists. Founded in 2018, by contemporary painter and expressionist Haleh Mashian, Mash Gallery offers visitors a glimpse into a world of color and experimental artwork. 

Curating a collection of exhibitions and artwork unlike any other, Mashian has worked to build Mash Gallery into an exclusive and innovative experience for guests. Born in Tehran, Iran, Mashian lived her teenage years throughout the duration of the Iranian Revolution. Seeking a creative outlet to freely express herself, at the age of twenty, she moved to the United States to study under Dr. Michael Gottlieb, a spiritual master teacher. Following her studies, Mashian began to formulate the beginnings of Mash Gallery. 

As a dedicated and hard working artist and entrepreneur, in just two short years, Mashian successfully transformed Mash Gallery into the stunning space it is today. In addition to founding Mash Gallery, Mashian has utilized her impressive artistic talent to create MASH City, a bold and versatile fashion line with lively colors and energetic patterns. Each stunning piece can easily be dressed up or down and is not restricted by ages, races, or genders. “Color is life and the life force energy is a creative and artistic energy. It’s a conversation starter. It’s an energetic line. It is soulful.” describes Mashian who is passionate about allowing everyone to freely express their true selves. 

Thriving on creativity and free expression, Mash Gallery hosts a variety of local and international artists. From innovative exhibitions and receptions to contemporary art events that feature guest artists, speakers, and also Mash-Ups (a fusion of fashion, music, photography, and other art forms), Mashian has created a space in which every creative soul can blossom. 

In a recent encapsulating exhibition at Mash Gallery, Psych-O-Delic, Angela Johal and founder Haleh Mashian’s captivating artwork was on display. Transporting viewers into a world full of color and their entrancing artistic visions, the amalgamation of both Johal and Mashian’s work resulted in a visually appealing wonder. Mashian illustrates, “People have colorful traits, Psych-O-Delic is about being alone, but together. We all have witnessed how connected we are throughout the world. Every action counts. With the unsettling and unclear political climate and the real motivation behind it all, authenticity is the most prized quality sought after. Psych-O-Delic invites us to be transparent and to honor our true selves”. 

During these difficult times, the originality and authenticity of Psych-O-Delic, proves that art can aid and accompany us on our journey towards normalcy. With the ongoing pandemic, Mashian also composed and offered the opportunity for passionate art lovers to view art virtually. For those who are unable to visit exhibitions in person, Mash Gallery created a virtual viewing experience of artwork while maintaining the essence of an in-person gallery experience. 

The most recent exhibition at Mash Gallery is Overload, formulated by Maggi Hodge. In this solo exhibition, Hodge gracefully incorporates vivid colors onto the canvas while maintaining her very distinct style. 

The dynamic energy of Mash Gallery embodies the true spirit of the Los Angeles art scene. Through the genius of Mashian, visitors can journey through the truthfully, artistic world of Mash Gallery. 

To enter another magical world created by Mash Gallery, head to the opening of their next exhibition, Psych-O-Delic, featuring works by Haleh Mashian and Angela Johal. Psych-O-Delic opens May 15, with an indoor-outdoor, Covid-safe red carpet event. To know more visit:

Amelia Brown

Amelia is a writer for Blackbird News. She has a degree in communications from Bristol University. Amelia enjoys publishing on celebrities, television and movies. In her spare time, she enjoys designing quirky clothing.

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