Factors to consider before taking roadside assistance

Whatever the cause of your car’s breakdown, whether it’s a flat tire, an electrical problem, or a minor mechanical issue, anything may derail your smooth trip. If your vehicle breaks down in unfamiliar terrain, it may not be very comforting. And it is at this point when roadside assistance comes to your help.

This article looks at Roadside Assistance, its works, and factors to consider before taking roadside assistance.

Some of the companies provide immediate towing assistance in the case of issues such as a flat tire, a vehicle that has run out of fuel or gas, or other emergency circumstances. Most of the insurance companies provide roadside assistance as an add-on to their car insurance policies. But others, such as Cross Roads Assistance and AXA Assistance, offer it as a standalone product.

Early motorists were often capable of doing basic repairs on their own. But, as cars develop increasingly complex, it becomes more challenging to repair effectively on their own. Some early local driving clubs attempted to assist their members by encouraging them to help one another. Their idea proved to be unsuccessful.

A network of emergency phone boxes, placed at regular intervals along the roadway in some nations, was established when communication technology and availability were feasible. Recently, the widespread ownership of mobile phones has largely eliminated the necessity for an emergency phone network, which has resulted in a reduction in the number of people who need assistance. The growth of mobile technology has resulted in the creation of free applications (apps).

What is the procedure for providing roadside assistance?

Call your vehicle insurance company for assistance, and they will dispatch a team to your rescue location as soon as possible. Almost majority of the services are free. However, you may be required to pay part of the expenses in certain instances. For example, you will be required to pay for refilling if you run out of gasoline.

Additionally, if your car has to be towed, you will be responsible for the cost of towing. Some businesses additionally provide cab assistance and, if necessary, hotel accommodations for their customers. This service is especially beneficial during the rainy season when vehicles are more prone to breakdown.

What services does Roadside Assistance provide?

If you have roadside assistance insurance, you will be entitled to a variety of advantages. Here’s what you may expect to receive:

  • Towing Service is available.
  • Battery Start with a bang.
  • Arrangement for spare keys.
  • Alternate battery/jump start configurations are available.
  • Assistance is available via phone.
  • Alternative modes of transportation and lodging are available.
  • Fuel for an emergency.
  • Repairs of a minor kind.

Consider the following factors before purchasing Roadside Assistance coverage.

The vehicle is almost a decade old

As a vehicle becomes older, the likelihood of experiencing mechanical issues increases. Consequently, the majority of service providers are hesitant to give coverage for vehicles that are more than five years old. Even if they do provide the coverage, the yearly fees would be too expensive for most people. Additional to this, automobile manufacturers offer roadside assistance packages with the purchase of their vehicles. For example, Honda’s Road Side Assistance costs 11 dollars in the first year, 17 dollars in the second year, and 25 dollars in the third year.

The number of available services

The coverage may have a limit on the number of times a service may be used. Example: TVS Automobile Solutions provides two kinds of roadside assistance packages, the Platinum Card and the Gold Card, both available in the United States. Emergency breakdown help is provided to Platinum card members on an unlimited basis throughout the year, while emergency breakdown assistance is provided to Gold cardholders six times.

Costs for Roadside Assistance Plans

The prices for roadside assistance plans are mainly determined by the age of the vehicle and the number of services used by the car owner. Another essential factor to consider is your usual path. If you need to travel inside your city, your travel arrangements may differ from those of someone who has to travel often between cities.

Is it necessary to get Roadside Assistance coverage?

Roadside assistance is essential for keeping your vehicle in good working order and protecting it from damage. It may be very beneficial in the sad case of a breakdown or an accident. If you believe that your existing vehicle insurance policy can meet your emergency needs, you may skip purchasing a separate emergency coverage policy. If your existing car insurance rate does not cover roadside assistance, you might consider purchasing standalone coverage.

Services are being provided

First Aid Corps was established in April 1915 by five motorcyclists working for the Automobile Club of St. Louis and sponsored by the American Automobile Association, which was the world’s first Roadside Assistance service. On Sundays, the club went around the city’s streets searching for stranded cars, providing minor engine and tire repairs at no charge to members and nonmembers of the organization. During that first Sunday, they assisted 24 motorists, and by the end of the first month, they had assisted 171.

The United States of America

Many states and their departments of transportation in the United States have established government-run highway assistance patrols, also known as highway safety patrols, to keep traffic flowing and respond to highway problems when they arise. These individuals, who are not law enforcement officers, provide free assistance to motorists in distress and help to secure traffic lanes, provide emergency medical assistance, request tow trucks for vehicles in inconvenient or dangerous locations, remove debris from the roadway after a crash, and resolve minor disabled vehicle problems, such as flat tires, jumpstarts, or pushing a disabled vehicle out of travel lanes, among other things. In many states, state police and highway operations agencies cooperate directly with these patrols, and they react to public requests for minor roadside assistance by dispatching a patrol to the scene.

The Best Roadside Assistance Services in the United States

Roadside Assistance from Good Samaritans

When it comes to roadside help providers, this firm provides all the essential services you would expect to find. It offers three different plan options:

  1. Auto Platinum: This is the most basic of the care plans.
  2. Auto and RV Standard: Cars, recreational vehicles (RVs), boat trailers, and motorbikes.

Several cars and recreational vehicles, boat trailers, sport utility trailers, and even motorbikes are covered by Auto and RV Platinum.

American Automobile Association (AAA)

The American Automobile Association is a roadside assistance provider that ranks among the best in the business. In addition to offering excellent membership choices, it also provides extensive coverage for all car kinds and many trip-planning advantages. It also provides bicycle insurance and identity theft recovery services if a member is a victim of identity theft. It also offers possibilities for repayment of legal expenses incurred. There are no age limits in place for this service. It offers three different membership options:

  1. Classic: It provides free towing up to a distance of 5 miles. In addition, it offers free towing up to 100 miles away.
  2. Premier: It provides free towing up to a distance of 200 miles.

To be eligible for this service, you must be a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA). It is an extra $16 charge for each year that you want to participate. If you want to include a second family member in your plan, you will be required to pay an extra $34.

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