Fashion photographer Claudia Chávez releases photo series ‘A World of Pink’

Claudia Chávez is a photographer originally from El Salvador, where she began her passion for photography at a young age. Since moving to Los Angeles, Claudia has worked on a wide variety of projects such as editorials, short films, commercials, music videos, and web series. Her skills have let her connect with different people in the industry that have been delighted with her talent.

Claudia Chávez is well recognized for her love of the color pink and it has been such an influence that she tries to incorporate it also to her art.

However last year it went more than just liking the color but digging deeper into its history which is how A World of Pink was created.

After months of research and pre-production Claudia’s Chávez vision and love for this piece turned into reality. In the series there are five different setups that explore important events about the color pink. Through this project Claudia wants to challenge the idea of gender and race.

“Pink is a color not just for women but everyone! with no barriers of skin tone or shape when wearing it. You are beautiful no matter your skin, body, or gender”

Los Angeles based photographer Claudia Chávez shares her highly anticipated photo collection about historical moments of the color pink. You can check out and read more about her most recent piece A World of Pink, HERE!

You can get the latest updates on Claudia’s work on her Instagram @claudiasphotograph and website.