First LEAKED Photo of Lil Conscious Surfaces!!

When being an artist who pours their heart and soul into their work, oftentimes the goal is not fame, celebrity, or money. It is to be acknowledged by the world for your talent, passion, drive, and your ability to convey your feelings and emotions and be able to authentically express yourself through music. To a lot of people, music is a form of expression.

Stefan Islas Ross is one such artist. Hailing from Sierra Blanca, he was born on the 27th of May in 1995 and knew from a young age how important music was to him and the immense role it played in crafting him into the person he is. Although his love for music stemmed from its ability to “calm his energy”, it was always something that left him feeling like he was at peace and it was always a source of happiness and positivity in his life. His creativity was his safe haven and he always felt secure and comfortable when making music and exploring the different facets it had. Over time, he grew as a person and his art developed alongside him. His experiences enriched his talents and he soon found himself feeling a deeper connection with music. It was not a surprise to anyone when music became an extension of him, his feelings, and his own unique form of expression.

 Stefan did all this while keeping his identity hidden, and he has maintained the mystery surrounding his real identity to this day. 

In 2018 Stefan released his track named “Bojak”, he garnered over a whopping one million listeners. In 2019, rapper and global sensation Drake shared a video clip of him dancing to “Bojak”, which gave Lil Conscious a major boost as an artist. The shoutout from Drake brought more listeners to his songs, resulting in him having over a million views on SoundCloud and over 300,000 streams on Spotify! His moment with Drake was not the last. Renowned rapper Trippie Redd and Lil Conscious met and discussed each other’s music and spent hours getting to know each other.

Although Stefan’s career has been met with success, he says he only makes music to carry his message and emotions forward. Part of the reason he hasn’t revealed his identity comes from him just wanting to appeal to people through his art. Although he has kept it secret, this photo leaked. 

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