Five Marvel Movies You Should Watch Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’

To get ready for the long awaited Avengers: Endgame, AMC Theaters is hosting a 59-hour long marathon of every one of the 22 MCU movies, coming full circle in Endgame, for those ready to expose themselves to such a sweat-soaked, smelly experience.

That being said, it would be an incredible idea to return to specific movies from the MCU before we come to an (impermanent) conclusion in Endgame, yet I think we can all agree that watching every single Marvel film is likely to forever kill the appeal of the superhero origin story.

Slice through all the filler and watch the accompanying five MCU movies to set yourself up for the final confrontation with Thanos (I’m not including Infinity War, because that’s just obvious).

Iron Man

The journey started here, and in this way, it makes a great deal of sense to revisit this fantastic film, which still holds up, a decade later.

On the off chance that the MCU’s gathering cast had a main character, it would most likely be Tony Stark, the man who built a mechanical suit of defensive layer from metal scraps, and wound up battling a genocidal demigod on a distant planet.

Out of all the Marvel origin stories, Iron Man still rules, indicating how Tony’s selfish life was torn down, how he incorporated himself up with a true hero, immediately uncovering his mystery character before the credits roll.

This film truly features the brilliance of casting Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man; the some time ago disrespected actor is presently difficult to isolate from the character, his charisma vital to the formation of the once-experimental cinematic universe.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron may be one of the more generic, forgettable Marvel film, however the film lays the foundation for the contention that will before long break the superhero team, just as presenting Vision and Scarlet Witch, and instilling Hawkeye with some genuinely necessary character development.

This is the point in the MCU when the team start to comprehend that superheroics aren’t as straightforward as halting the miscreant; who knew sparing the world could be so complicated?

This is additionally the point where Tony’s paranoia and control-freakery begins to set in, as he imagines a scenario in which the Avengers fail miserably, hinting the events of Infinity War. However, unexpectedly, it’s the surviving members of the team who Tony visualizes dying.

The post-credits scene likewise offers us a look at Thanos first putting on the Infinity Gauntlet; it’s fascinating to perceive how his appearance changed, from Spyro the Dragon enemy to creased exaggeration of Josh Brolin.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol 2

Once more, this isn’t the best Marvel movie (it’s not by any means the best Guardians of the Galaxy film), yet Vol 2 gives us strong character advancement for Peter Quill and Gamora, two characters who shape the account of Infinity War, and possibly Endgame.

It’s likewise a psychedelic plunge into the far reaches of space, and offers the first cinematic encounter with a Celestial, beings which may end up being fairly imperative, some place down the line. Endgame may very well uncover a gmore of Thanos’ backstory, and is likely to further flesh out the spacey side of the MCU.

The film additionally gives us some decent screen time with Nebula, a generally immature character, and seeing as the blue android is one of only a handful rare sorts of people who escaped the snap, she’s likely to have an important role in the final fight against Thanos.

Captain America: Civil War

Do you truly require a reason to rewatch this one? You should rewatch The Winter Soldier while you’re grinding away; the two movies are the work of the immensely talented Russo brothers, and mark a major tonal shift in the MCU, as well as the point where Captain America became cool, against all odds.

The philosophical and physical fight between opposing members from the Avengers makes the group separate into smaller, weaker factions, making Thanos’ incoming invasion infinitely easier.

The difficult connection between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark is a standout amongst the most convincing storylines that loosens up during the time of Marvel movies, and will doubtlessly achieve its decision in Endgame, where we might even say goodbye to both characters.

Thor Ragnarok

Just as being the craziest, most entertaining Marvel movie to date, Ragnarok uncovers where both Hulk and Thor vanished to after Age of Ultron, fleshes out the fabulous love-hate relationship between Thor and Loki, and leads directly into Infinity War.

The cosmic scale of the MCU is again extended here, and increasingly moral vagueness is presented; the apparently kind Odin is uncovered to have once been a ruthless despot, an otherworldly colonizer who could even be compared to Thanos (though I highly doubt Thanos will vanish into the wind after a pleasant conversation with his sons).

Seeing as Thor came infuriatingly close to stopping Thanos from snapping his fingers, he’s likely to sharpen his new axe in Endgame, and hopefully, aim for the head.