Former Congresswoman Karen Shepherd endorses Evan McMullin

Today former congresswoman, state legislator, and successful businesswoman Karen Shepherd endorsed Evan McMullin for U.S. Senate. 

“Ifyou’relike me, you’re worried about the future of our democracy and know the next election is crucial to preserving the basic values that have held this country together for so long,” Shepherd said. “These democratic values are now being challenged regularly by some members of Congress. 

“I am a Democrat and a former member of Congress, and I’m supporting Evan McMullin for U.S. Senate. I’ve asked Evan the tough questions. He’s told me that as an independent, he won’t take marching orders from political party bosses or special interest groups, and Mike Lee certainly does. This means Evan will be a vote for Utahns, when every single vote counts. 

“Ialsosupport Evan because I know he can win. Polling shows Evan beats Mike Lee when principled independents, Democrats and Republicans come together to do what is right. These are extraordinary times and call for all of us to act in extraordinary ways. I know Evan will fight hard for our democracy, for the right for all to vote, for protecting and improving the Affordable Care Act and for important matters of social justice. He’ll preserve our values and represent Utah well,” Shepherd said.

“I’m grateful for Karen’s endorsement,” McMullin said. “She has dedicatedmuch of her life to serving others, particularly Utahns, at all levels of government. She has also broken down barriers for women in leadership roles, acting as a steadfast advocate for women and children every step of theway. She and I share the same love for Utah. We know an independent voice will allow our state to have tremendous influence in Washington. Like many others, I’m grateful to Karen for her public service, her commitment to our founding values and to protecting and strengthening our democracy. I will always hold her experience, insight and support in high esteem.”

Ruskin Brodkin

Ruskin Brodkin writes for blackbirdnews.com. She is a graduate in journalism from the University of Maryland. Ruskin currently lives in Brooklyn, and she previously worked as a Television Producer on BBA International's Squawk Box Europe. Ruskin has also been a movies reporter for Radio New Zealand.

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