Former UFC Fighter Phil Baroni Arrested For His Girlfriend’s Murder

The 46-year-old former mixed martial arts fighter Phil Baroni was reportedly charged for allegedly killing his girlfriend in Mexico; the details are horrifying.

The Mexican newspaper Tribuna De La Bahia reported that when police arrived in their hotel room in San Francisco, Nayarit, better known as San Pancho, they discovered Baroni’s girlfriend unresponsive and naked in bed with a sheet over her. According to the report, she had bruises and marks all over her body and face, and she gave no sign that she was still alive.

Baroni allegedly told police that he was drinking beer and smoking marijuana inside his hotel room when they started arguing after his girlfriend Paola revealed she slept with another man, so he told her to shower, but she refused. And then grabbed Paola by her arms and pushed her into the shower, which led to her hitting her head.

Baroni is arrested for murder and is currently behind bars. Authorities plan to perform an autopsy on the alleged victim to uncover her cause of death.