Georgia’s Youth Development kid Influencer enterprise Created for & by kids

Atlanta’s 2022 – 2023 — Georgia Micro Kid Influencers Of the year. Currently 8 Years old & 6 Year Old Ziannah & Khaloni Dennis Also known as Zida & Loni Dennis , are commercial print Models, actress and social media influencers. The Sisters are making a big name for themselves as Full time kid content creators In The State Of Georgia.

Born & raised in the small town of Macon Georgia, The Mother of The Dennis Sisters , Gbabii George , took a leap of faith starting social media for both Zida&Loni at an extremely early age in life , Ziannah starting as early as 21-weeks  , while Khaloni just one – years old.

With Not Many Kid Actress or Models in Her area of Georgia, Gbabii would Drive to Atlanta to keep her kids what she would call booked & busy.

 The world has slowly watched both girls grow, through social media sites like Instagram. (@The_dennissisters) where Ziannah and Khaloni Dennis post family content with mommy , fashion reels , being on set of music videos , and so much more.

Now accumulating almost $100 per post on social media to advertise & talk about brands and products.

As Mini Influencers The Dennis Sisters Have Had The opportunity to work with brands such as Hasbro Toys , Paramount pictures, Netflix , &  most commonly known to be seen in the latest mommy & me fashion’s and Trend’s.

“Now More Than ever is the time to take the opportunity for kid social media influencers & content creators no matter what your following currently showcases, take advantage of the social media content world as it grows ,” said G.babii George the 29-year-old, Mother of The Dennis Sisters.

According to Research and Markets, the Social media world for children in the influence industryis estimated to grow to a value of $17.57 Billion by 2028, that’s almost double its value at USD 9.75 Billion in 2021.

Due to ongoing growing demand of kids in the Influencer world , Zida&Loni will be launching  The Macon Making Content: Youth Development & Support Group, a support development group to assist Children & Parents in successfully making viewable content to maintain growth & promote brands and companies for kids & Teens with a growing social media accounts in a organic & natural way.

The Dennis Sisters Strive To Teach other Children How to Obtain A Stable Life As Content Creators. From creating Content Worthy For Brands To notice. To giving information to others on how to balance living a life as A everyday Kid & a public figure.

 The Dennis Sisters Vision forMacon Making Content will Be a on going source for kidand teen content creators in Macon Ga to grow & empower other local kid & teen talents to enhance self esteem & showcase talent via social media to influence kids of all ages from All over Middle Georgia and across the world in a positive light.

The macon making content Youth Support Group Will include Amazing local talents Such as, The TikTok Viral dance group Hoodie Kidz , upcoming kid YouTuber Play Dates With Tay , & even showcase the parents of local Youth Talents in the group as needed.

You can follow Macon Macon content and all of it’s amazing Talents on all social media platforms at Macon Making Content