Get to know Tiwaii Funchess !

Tiwaii Funchess is an artist from South Carolina. Many love Tiwaii’s superflat cartoon art styles considering Takashi Murakami is someone he looks up to this makes sense.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic Tiwaii Funchess was still able to gain millions of online impressions. Tiwaii has received impressions from Japanese artist Takashi Murakami, Swaelee, and more. During his first year on social media, he surpassed 13,000 followers on Instagram He literally created his account less than a year ago on June 23, 2020. He has also been featured in many publications.

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His age versatility separates him from other artists in the art community and I believe there is only a matter of time before we see him take on a global audience.

Here’s an interview we did with him. 

When did you decided that you want to become an artist?
I was always an artist I believe I just began to take it more seriously the older I got.

What do like about art the most?
I like the freedom to express myself.

Who are your biggest influences?
Takashi Murikami, Kaws, and Virgil Abloh.

Are you flexible enough to work on short notice?
Yeah usually doesn’t take me very long usually unless its something crazy I’m working on.

What are some of the difficulties of the art business?
Customers thinking that they are also artists.

How difficult it is to establish yourself in the art community?
Very hard there’s so much good competition.

If you weren’t famous, what would you be up to right now?
I don’t see myself as famous yet but, if I wasn’t in the position I’m in now I’d probably be making art.

You are a creative person; how has creativity impacted your life? 
Creativity is my life.

What would you suggest to the budding artists out there?
Keep doing you and getting better at your craft.

To know more about Tiwaii Funchess don’t forget to follow him on @tiwaiifunchess