Give Your Living Room a Dramatic Backdrop

Planning to decorate all the rooms of your home can be an exciting experience. However, there are chances of you getting carried away and end up spending more than bargained. Different ways exist to decorate the walls of your home. You can come across different Home Decor styles and make them impressive. By choosing top-quality products that match perfectly the background, you are perfectly sure to derive the best results without going overboard. 

It is considered to be the key in any wall decoration project. An empty space is considered to be an essential design component that should not be overlooked. Not every wall should be filled with décor. It will only make the room appear disordered, busy and cluttered. But how to maintain better décor balance on the walls!

Reviews of wall décor products

1. Handcrafted Quadra Leaf Candle Wall Décor

This artistic Home Decor is quite eye-catchy. It is created from good quality metal that is designed to last longer and appear as good as new with very minimal maintenance. Its dimension is approximately 20” x 15”. This product is reasonably priced and within the budget of the average homeowner. Installing one in your home is sure to attract praises from your visitors. 

2. Metallic Bike Shaped Wall Clock

This product is a simple wall clock designed with an artistically designed metal bike. It features that bold raw look, with wheels. Fine detailing is provided to this show-piece along with Gansta Metallic look. Its dimension is 19” x 2” x 12”. It is a manually crafted masterpiece that makes an excellent gift for all motorbike enthusiasts. It is indeed the perfect addition to your workstation, home or office. 

3. Iron Netted Octal Fish Wall Décor

The iron netted Octal Fish Wall Décor is designed to enhance the décor of your room. It measures around 23” x 24” approximately and is sure to be appreciated by all your guests. Such décor items are styled perfectly with great care as well as detailing. Being designed in interesting multi-colored, you are sure to order for more. 

4. Triple Horse Wall Décor

The Triple Horse Wall Décor is quite stunning and beautifully crafted. Made from superior quality materials, fine detailing has gone into its creation. Three horses seem to be in high spirits and galloping forwards. The very sight of this décor product is sure to make the viewers to be inspired. It measures about 29” x 1” x 32” approximately. 

5. Handcrafted Iron Butterfly Wall Décor

This product is indeed an amazing purchase for your home and is sure to compel anyone to gaze at it without batting an eye. It has been beautifully handcrafted with fine detailing. Every twist and turn present in this décor product offers perfection and the appearance of a real butterfly. It measures approximately 25” x 30”.


The Home Decor products chosen for your walls should be considered to be more of an accent and not just the main attraction. Rather, they need to be individual pieces to enhance your room making it appear like beautifully created artwork.