Gold Souls’ Latest Track “Suicide” Is Causing Quite A Stir Among Listeners

Gold Souls is back with another hit, “Suicide,” along with a fast-paced and upbeat music video. “Suicide” feels like a pop-punk anthem, combining soaring energy, vibrant musical arrangements, and spellbinding vocal abilities. This track has a lot of vigor, tenacity, and richness, charged with harsh vocals and humorously self-defeating lyrics. It’s well-written and conveys the trauma and pain that one goes through before the thought of committing suicide comes into one’s mind. All three of them bent over backward to define the mental anguish that one goes through.

Gold Souls is a Los Angeles-based band formed by Dré (Vocals), Ry (Drums), and Danny (Guitar) in 2014. Since their collaboration, they have worked on a variety of projects ranging from metal to alternative. Their latest project, ‘Suicide,’ is one of the euphonic outcomes of their collaborative musical effort. Gold Souls believes rock culture needs new charismatic figures that understand its roots as well as current sounds, and together they decided to make groundbreaking music and bring rock back to life. They will undoubtedly pave the way for the genre’s future.

“Suicide” is available on all major platforms, including Spotify and Youtube. Follow Gold Souls on Instagram to know more about their upcoming music and videos.