GoMint launches on Hedera Hashgraph

GoMint, the newest digital asset tokenization platform to hit the market, is built on the lightning-fast and environmentally friendly Hedera Token Service which forms part of the Hedera Hashgraph DLT network.

Fresh from their ‘social good challenge’ prize win at the Hedera21 Hackathon in March, the GoMint team has very quickly rolled out a ‘proof of concept’ to showcase the functionality and features they are working on behind the scenes. 

GoMint will give members of the crypto community the chance to get involved and play with the platform, which has been pre-loaded with some exclusive launch content. 

The Hedera21 prize was sponsored by the Deepak Chopra Foundation and presented by CEO Poonacha Machaiah who commented: “GoMint makes it very easy for anyone to tokenize any asset; for example, creators can tokenize their content so fans can be invested in their network and incentivized to promote it. Thus, boosting the overall adoption of the Hedera Token Service….. We are looking forward to collaborating”.

Keen to support new projects such as GoMint launching on their network, Hedera Hashgraph have kindly donated 10 NFTs of exclusive photographs of key moments from Hedera’s history, featuring co-founders Dr. Leemon Baird and Mance Harmon. The Hedera NFTs will be given away to GoMint customers free-of-charge during the POC launch period in a series of random ‘candle auctions’.

On May 20th for “World Bee Day” a United Nations official observed holiday, GoMint teamed up with Charity Bees for Development and launched a bee drawing NFT by none other than British Prime Minister Boris Johnson! This brought plenty of attention to GoMint which can be the new leader in the NFT market as they are one of the only green options since being based on Hedera Hashgraph. 

Alex Taylor, Co-Founder & CTO of GoMint, said: “Public access to the Hedera Token Service, the world’s fastest, fairest and most secure digital asset management service, opens up new opportunities for everyone. Every day we discover new possibilities, and I’m excited to share these and explore the future with GoMint!”

Peter Uliano, Co-Founder & CMO of GoMint, said: “Almost every artist I speak to who wants to launch their portfolio on GoMint highlights the ecological credentials of Hedera vs the competition. We believe this will be even more important when enterprises start to tokenize their digital assets and will demand a solution with a low carbon footprint.”