Hailey Bieber’s Latest Post: A Stylish Combination of Itty-Bitty Bikini and Accessories

Hailey Bieber, the supermodel known for her sleek and skimpy red carpet looks, surprised her fans with a maximalist take on swimwear in her latest Instagram post. The post features an itty-bitty printed string bikini paired with an armful of gold bangles, a shell belly chain, and a pair of athletic shorts rolled at the waist.

The opening shot of the post shows Bieber applying her fan-favorite Rhode lip product, but the subsequent images steal the show. Her bikini selfie is over-the-top, complete with a set of neon-green nails and a body chain. It’s a departure from her usual understated style, and seeing her experiment with a more daring look is refreshing.

Bieber’s caption includes a plug for her lip product and a teaser for a new flavor coming next month. But it’s clear that the post is less about sponsored content and more about having fun and showcasing her personal style. The inclusion of gym class styling moves like rolling her shorts at the waist gives the post a playful, carefree vibe.

What’s notable about Bieber’s latest post is that it’s a departure from her usual Saint Laurent-inspired looks. While she’s still showing off her model physique, she’s doing it in a way that’s more accessible and relatable. It’s a reminder that even supermodels can embrace maximalism and have fun with fashion.