Harley Medic International: One of the UK’s most reliable COVID-19 testing companies

Harley Medic International has become one of the largest and most well-renowned medical and mobilisation companies in the world with over 40 years in the private medical, visa and legalisation industry.

Interview with Adonis Hakkim

We spoke with Adonis Hakkim, the company’s operations manager to get more information on how the medical company works. In response to our emails asking about the structure of the company and its plans for growth he stated:

“We have quite a few things in the pipelines, and roughly 10 new clinics opening this month. Keep an eye on our website’s news section for more up to date information”

Harley Medic International: PCR Testing

You might have heard of Harley Medic International based on the all-inclusive fit to fly covid teststhe company provides. This service would include a PCR test which is a test use to identify whether someone has had the virus very early on by directly detecting the presence of an antigen, rather than the presence of the body’s immune response, or antibodies and a Fit to Fly certificate. This technique has been acknowledged as the most accurate and efficient way of testing that it has become the most accepted COVID-19 test worldwide. Private PCR testing has made it easy for public health officials to monitor the spread of COVID-19 within a population by screening vast swathes of nasopharyngeal swab samples with large population groups. Apart from this, visit this site to learn about the rapid covid-19 antigen home test.

It comes as no surprise how Harley Medic International is ahead of their competitors as they were the first to implement a nationwide rollout. Though many companies offer the testing, this implementation have shown how Harley Medic International is constantly thinking ahead by understanding the demands and needs of their customers. With the expansion of their operation to cover the largest cities across the UK, with 50 sites across England, Scotland and Wales, Harley Medic International have demonstrated their desire of dominating its reach outside of London. The company offers same day, next day and a slower two-day service, with it having a 95% positive review rate making it one of the most reliable COVID-19 testing providers in the UK.

If this is not enough to get you interested in Harley Medic International, you will soon be as the company have recently introduced the launch of two new services. The new service is introduced to transform how the public view healthcare with the company being likenedto the Uber of medical testing. The test will give people the ability to control and get a better understanding of their body as the results are purely based on what the body is saying.