Health Tech Platform improving Birth Outcomes has launched

NurtureUp, a tech platform where pregnant families can find home birth midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, and other services, has been in the works for a while. Families can book these providers through the website, and the app has finally launched. After NurtureUp ran a beta with an insurance company last year, the company went back to fixing kinks and focusing on perfecting the platform.

NurtureUp is the only platform where families can book these providers directly. read reviews and view profiles based on a “best match” algorithm. NurtureUp’s goal is to help all birthing personnel, but specifically to reduce black maternal mortality through access. Black women who give birth at home have a much lower chance of dying during childbirth. They also show a higher satisfaction rate.

Birth doulas assist parents by providing comfort measures and guidance during such a stressful time, especially when having to navigate the hospital system, which is not always in favor of black birthing personnel. Jael is excited to roll out this exciting and, yes, needed tool to the public and is absolutely ready to take on the road. She is working on onboarding doulas and midwives off of her 27321 waitlist of providers. NurtureUp served over 102 families in 2022 and looks forward to more birthing people having access to better birthing experiences and safer options as a result of having nurtureUp.