Here’s How a WAV Could Change a Disabled Person’s Life

Being able to travel, be it for work or for fun (day trips/road trips and local tourism) is an essential part of daily life and for a disabled person or one in a wheelchair this can sometimes unfortunately be an impossible idea. Having a wheelchair accessible vehicle or WAV can change a disabled persons life forever and in the most positive of ways. This article looks at several aspects of wheelchair living that can be improved and changed with improved transport and travel options – which can be provided with a WAV.

Can travel in comfort

Access to a WAV or wheelchair accessible vehicle will arguably provide the most comfortable and convenient way to travel for a disabled or wheelchair bound person. The vehicle has after all been adapted to fit the specific wheelchair and as such will make travel, no matter how far, a comfortable and enjoyable experience. The wheelchair user should feel no different to any other car passenger and a WAV, with a ramp, providing ease of access, a comfortable drive and the precise amount of space for the chair, is becoming standard and expected practice.

 Will provide peace of mind

The ability to travel when and as you need tois essential for peace of mind for those with disabilities, who may have the need for ongoing medical attention. Being able to attenddoctors’ appointments and also seek medical support and attention whenever it is required (without constantly needing to request help) is one of the chief benefits of owing a vehicle that can transport the wheelchair and its user in the most convenient way possible. Such individual access to transport for a disabled person will provide a level of peace of mind that will not be achieved any other way. It doesn’t matter how inclusive travel becomes until disabled people have a means of individual and independent transportation.

Increases social interaction and improves wellbeing

The more often that a disabled person is able to get out and meet other people or reconnect with old friends, the better for their mental wellbeing. A vehicle such as a WAV (wherein the wheelchair or mobility scooter user doesn’t have to be removed from their chair in order to be transported) means that it is easier to get around and thus meet up with friends and family. The easier it is to travel and move about, then the more it will be done, making vast improvements in the wellbeing of the disabled person.

Boosts confidence

The ability to travel and interact with others is a terrific way for disabled people to boost their confidence. With the means of travel simplified, the more places that physically disabled people are able to visit. Travel and tourism are a great means of getting wheelchair bound people out of their comfort zones and changing their perspective in a number of positive ways. This can only be done with a vehicle that allows for wheelchair access such as the WAV.

Mobility challenges are at the core of the inability to create an entirely inclusive society where those with disabilities are able to engage with and enjoy mainstream activities and pastimes. Having access to a Wheelchair accessible vehicle can totally change a disabled persons life for the better and the aspects discussed herein show exactly how much can be improved with a vehicle that makes wheelchair travel simpler.