Here’s why Neeru Bajwa is the Queen of Punjabi Cinema

The queen of hearts, the beautiful, the breathtaking, Neeru Bajwa has turned a year older though age is just a number for her, as with each passing year she grows prettier and prettier. Pollywood actress Neeru Bajwa still enjoys the title of ‘Pollywood Queen’ because she is indeed ruling of hearts of us all with her simplicity and beauty.

Here are the reasons why Neeru Bajwa is the queen of Punjabi cinema.

When it comes to working, Neeru Bajwa is no less than a superwoman. She was eight months pregnant when she was shooting for ‘Channo Kamali Yaari Di’. The actress had her first baby in her womb during the shoot of ‘Sardaar Ji’; however, not many people were aware of this. When the actress was shooting for a dance song, people noticed a little lump on the tummy and mistook it as weight gain.

This Pollywood queen knows how to balance work-life. She is a complete workaholic though her real life is equally important to her as her reel life. She makes sure that she never let her duties and responsibilities as a mother, daughter, wife, or sister compromise due to her work commitments.

For years, Punjabi cinema has been famous only for its light-hearted comedies. Only some filmmakers try to take some risks and break the stereotypes and provide something different, and Neeru Bajwa is surely one of them. From her starrer ‘Channo Kamali Yaar Di’ to her directorial debut ‘Sargi’ to one of her recent productions ‘Munda Hi Chahida’, Neeru Bajwa has tried to offer a range of content for the audience.

The beautiful soul in Bajwa understands the importance of a celebrity; she knows people will be hearing her out. This Pollywood queen always stands for the right and speaks for social causes. The actress, even during the pandemic, was busy raising funds for a child’s health. She saved a life by giving interviews and promoting things on social media.

Also, the actress came boldly in support of late Sushant Singh Rajput. She didn’t any long note or so on her Twitter but expressed her position with the hashtag #CBIforSSR. A woman of few words, Neeru Bajwa knows well how to leave a permanent and strong impression.