Hottest Out, Atlanta Artist One Side

Listening to the new music by the Artist One Side brings a different type of wave to the scene. The format that he has is most relatable to anyone who has ever been through some type of emotional feelings. What’s so special about One Side is that not only can he make you feel the heart break that many go through, but the ATL club music shows a real vibe when it’s played throughout the crowd. Within the last 3 weeks the top song thats been blowing up is “Pressure.”

The music video has been played more than 200,000 times with a growing audience who attract to his music the more they listen to it. The spread of his vibe throughout the city is what is grabbing so many labels attention. When asked what he likes about his music so much, One Side said “it just a different feeling when I can talk to anyone I’ve met and regardless of how different we are we still go through the same things everyday.”

To dive inside the head of One Side is explained as a boss mentality within the lines of leading the way for everyone who has been riding with him the whole time on this journey into the music industry. There’s a bunch of things that points to a solid foundation, one he hopes can be inspiring. The Artist One Side is working hard for his first album he will be dropping in the middle of May. One Side has only been on the music scene since late 2020 and in that short span, has gone from relative unknown to something of a representative for the new generation of Atlanta rappers. The album is in place to set the summer off with the newest style of Atlanta music for One Side.

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