How Being Diagnosed With Thyroid Disease Turned Nora Villalobos Into A Fitness Influencer

Nora Villalobos, a social media influencer with over 140,000 followers on Instagram and 354,000 followers on Tik Tok known for her fitness journey of perseverance after losing 25 pounds after doctors told me it would be near impossible. Nora started her journey at the age of 16 when she was diagnosed with thyroid disease. 

Thyroid disease can affect anyone and appears in two different ways hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism. 

Your thyroid produces hormones that keep your body functioning properly. Hyperthyroidism is when your body produces too much, causing your body to use energy too quickly. Producing energy to quickly leads to you feeling tired and lethargic, rapid heart rate, weight loss, and anxiety. On the flip side hypothyroidism is when your body produces to little hormones which leads to severely lethargic and rapid weight gain as well as many other side effects

In Nora’s case she was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism which led her to gaining weight at a rapid pace and led her to feeling super insecure about her image. Despite what doctors told her or the negative opinions of others she put kept her outlook positive. This is what led her into her journey of fitness. She began working hard and developing a consistent healthy workout and meal plan achieving a 25 pound weight loss. 

After being encouraged by her weight loss and overcoming the norm she took her story to social media creating Instagram to encourage others who have faced the same disease and provide motivation to someone going through an obstacle. Over the past several years, Nora has been able to grow her platform and created a community of supportive, like minded individuals. 

Nora’s physique and weight loss journey is a true result of her own hard work. One of the main ways she learned different training techniques was by looking at other experienced trainers; through tutorials or YouTube and replicating their routines. As time went on, she adjusted what styles worked for her body and gave her the best results. Another key factor Nora altered was her diet, when diagnosed she started eating clean and turned to meal planning. 

Nora Villalobos’ message is to inspire everyone to try and to overcome any battles that might be placed in your path and is deeply dedicated to keeping her social media filled with motivation and body positivity.

You can follow Nora and her journey on both Instagram and TikTok!
Instagram: @noraxvillalobos 
TikTok: @nora.villalobos

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