How Canadians Surviving Winter Lockdown With Curfew?

Today we had a great opportunity to talk to one of the Montreal based residents, Yana Brenar and she agreed to tell us about the lockdown in Canada., her own experience and expectations.


Hello, yes sure. I would love to share my experience. From the beginning of 2020 in March we have started to see some cases that really messed up the stats and the government decided that best thing is to go to the lockdown, I can recall how I, living in prosperous country was not able to get food. The moments when we saw meat was heartbreaking because you are standing in front of it and realizing that 3 other person looking at the same piece of meat. And if you are taking it, they escorting you with such a look that you feel yourself like a thief in the night. In panic, people were buying out everything they could see, toilet paper, diapers, all the canned food, pasta, flour.. Someone said that it was Amazon golden times, since stores was cleared, Amazon always had stock.

And people turned to Amazon, but the main problem in not in overbuying. As our government recommended too have food for 14 days in terms of self-isolation, the thing is that Canadian people got used to be in a comfort zone with stability, and whenever they no longer control the situation – they just clearing out the shelves. I remember walking down the isle and not seeing any baby food.

The other bad experience was when I was standing in a line, outside of the store (Super-C) with 2 toddlers and 1 kid in the stroller, after 35 minutes of waiting in the line outside the store in order to get in, the woman on the front telling me that only 2 members of the household are allowed to come in…. Excuse me, but where I am supposed to put my kids… no one answered, we left, because we were not allowed to shop and my husband working long hours.

So, as you see this pandemic hit really hard everyone especially families with kids because there is limitations everywhere, and now its even worse because we have a curfew from Jan 11th, which means we can not leave our house after 8 pm until 5 am. Only privileged with dogs can do that, but what about kids? I sometimes going outside to make my baby to sleep. But now its not the case. So as you can see this time pandemic is much worse the wave 1. We are isolated.

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