How Do You Choose the Mother of the Bride’s Dress?

Just as the wedding is important to the bride and groom, it’s important for the parents of the soon to be married couple, and especially the mother of the bride. As such, the mother of the bride plays an integral part in the wedding party. She helps execute essential details of the ceremony and is the point person for the guests at the wedding party. In the meantime, it is incredibly convenient to get the mother of the bride dresses online today as they deserve to look pretty on that special day.

The etiquette of the mother of the bride’s attire can be overwhelming for the first time. However, making a few considerations can help the mother of the bride look phenomenal. So, here are a few points to consider while shopping for the mother of the bride dress online.

Follow the Bride as the Guide

As the mother of the bride, she can follow the bride for the style, colour, and formal degree. The bride and the groom set the tone for the big event, and the theme can vary. Therefore, whether it is a casual country or a sophisticated town wedding, the new couple can help decide the bride’s mother’s dress style.

Take Hints from the Wedding Party

Typically, the mother of the bride’s dress ideas are available in plenty. However, they should be chosen according to the theme of the party. That means, as per the colour of the wedding party. Therefore, it would be great to select a colour according to the bridesmaid dresses to suit the party’s colour cue.

Take Ample Time to Decide

It is essential to take enough time shopping for the mother of the bride’s dress. Ideally, the time required is about six months before the wedding. And like the bridal dress, the bride’s mom’s dress needs to be specially ordered as well, as this ensures the perfect fit. 

Besides, ensure that you don’t rush through the process, as rushing through it might make the process stressful for the mom and the bride.

Remember: She is the Mother of the Bride and Not the Bride or a Bridesmaid!

Although there are plenty of ideas for the mother of the bride dresses online, it is important to remember that she is not the bridesmaid or the bride, nor is she the groom’s mother. Therefore, the dress chosen for her should be designed accordingly.

It should reflect the proper colour, theme, and that she is an important part of the wedding considering that she is the bride’s mom. So, a pro tip here is to ensure to avoid white or black colours when shopping for the mothers of the groom or bride’s dresses.

The mother of the bride’s dress options should be considered as per the venue, dress code, theme, and time of the day. And, whether it is a cocktail wedding party or a casual wedding meet or should the mothers wear tea-length dresses, be mindful of the many factors.

While making a perfect choice, ensure to avoid V-necks, thigh-high slits, lace-up, or cutouts when shopping for the mothers of the bride or groom. Additionally, traditional and elegant wedding dress styles for the mother of the bride or groom are always a hit. However, if you love a dress you want to wear but are unsure about its neckline, you can always pair it with a jacket or shawl on top and still appear pretty classy and elegant.