How do you know if your outfit will fit your watch?

It can be easy and difficult at the very same time to balance a wristwatch to your outfit. You can become preoccupied with perfecting the highlights of your outfit and neglect to be useful. You could even want to dress for your pricey, high-quality timepiece if you recently purchased one. However, how you pair a timepiece with an outfit should be based on the dress code you’re anticipating.

For instance, it makes wearing an exquisite and slim dress wristwatch with a jacket if you are wearing one. Read on for our advice on how to pair a watch with your clothing so that you may always get your style perfect to assist you in making the right choices.

Formal and professional attire

When pairing a timepiece with a professional or formal attire, keep it straightforward. As a general rule, you should strive towards understatement. It’s generally not a smart idea in these scenarios to draw attention to your watch.

A straightforward dress wristwatch is all you really need for formal occasions like a black-tie affair. Simple black leather band, white dial, and gold or silver casing will do the trick. There isn’t much more beautiful than an appealing timepiece that does just one things, but does it well: tell the time, which is what formal occasions demand for.

It’s essentially the same for work attire. In most circumstances, a gold or silver casing will look appropriate, especially if you’re donning a navy or black suit. And as you probably already guessed, the finest choice in this case is a leather strap.

Sports watches

The primary distinction between casual attire and sporting watches, such as a chronograph, despite the fact that both are larger than dress watches, is that one is for informal gatherings another is for sports. For instance, a regular watch can be dressed up for a formal affair by switching its metal strap for a leather one. With sports watches, this is not the case.

The type of watch you need to choose will not be a surprise if your outfit is coordinated with sports watches. Wear less attractive watches and choose for a trustworthy, tough, and durable sports watch instead. After all, that is the whole idea of one.

When you match apparel to a sports watch, an elegant timepiece is really not necessary. It’s completely fine that the case, dial, and strap won’t be made of shiny materials like a dress watch because they’ll be made of durable materials.

Having said that, you should wear a sports watch nearly exclusively with casual attire. Choose a strap either metal or a deeper color, or a canvas strap, to vary up your selections, and a dial inside a neutral color.

Casual attire

Unfortunately, wearing any watch with a casual outfit is not as easy as it seems. What would a G-Shock look like with a suit, do you think? Not the best fit. If your watch includes metal straps, it is something to keep an eye out for because it usually indicates a less formal watch. Wear a metal band at casual events if you choose it and if one of your timepieces already has one.

Many guys choose leather-strapped watches as their go-to accessory since they can be worn with virtually any degree of casual attire. An outfit consisting of jeans, boots, and a collared shirt or T-shirt goes with almost any watch, so fretting over the straps here seems to be optional rather than necessary.

Watches with metal straps

In order to match a silver or gold metal watch with such a pair of chinos, brown shoes, and a brown belt, use other accessories. To achieve the desired look, think of it as toying with accents in a more delicate way than with clothing.

With matching leather, you can employ a similar strategy by using complementary colors. Therefore, it is great to combine a gold watch with a wedding band or pair of cufflinks. The designs and finishes of watch casings can vary, from glossy or matte to having sparkling gemstones inlaid in the case or dial. Some common shapes include square and round. This gives rise to a few options for jewelry matching.

Additionally, there are buttons, coat or trouser adjusters, belt or shoe buckles, and other features and accessories to work with.

Watches with leather straps

Leather is a fairly simple material to match with if you have a watch with a leather band. It shouldn’t be difficult to match leather that is the same color, and you probably already have some pieces in your wardrobe that are comparable to get you started.

So, for instance, a black leather strap can be matched with a black belt & shoes. The same holds true with brown shoes and a brown belt and strap. You may match timepieces with silver and gold straps either with black or the brown shoes & belts if you choose to keep with metal.

Just keep in mind that combining black and brown leather won’t look particularly well, but if you don’t have a perfect match, combining different hues of brown leather will look good. Additionally, convertible straps are useful in this situation. You’ll already have a few outfit matching choices if you can pick up a few extra strap colors in one of your watches.

Final words

Now you know how to match your watch with the outfit. You should not ignore your shoes as well. If you’re unsure of how to pair a specific outfit with a watch, start with your shoes. It’s simple to match your dress shoes, whether they are black or brown, with such a watch strap that is the same color as them or one that is close in hue. You should get many changeable bands for the watch in this situation as well.