How Education Can Boost Your Career (and How to Make Sure it Does)

The importance of education to your career is often hammered home by teachers and parents alike. However, the ways that education can contribute to your career is often a subject that is not properly covered. To remedy that fact, this article aims to highlight some of the most important ways that education can give you a boost in your career.

The Importance of Education

Education brings a lot of value to your life, even outside of the professional sphere. However, a lot of the benefits that proper education provides are most useful when considered in terms of a career.

Allows You to Develop Vital Skills.One of the best ways that education helps to improve your life both in and outside of a professional context is through the development of essential skills. The right skills can turn your life around in a number of ways, especially in terms of a career.For example, if you’re interested in pursuing a career in law enforcement, then a criminology degree is going to be of great use to the development of skills key to your career.

The Opportunity to Network.Another brilliant way that education can help to improve your professional life is that it gives you a brilliant opportunity to network with other upcoming professionals in your field. A lot of business can be improved by knowing the people you are working with, and networking during your education is a great way to give yourself an edge.

What Employers Want from Graduates

It is often said that employers want people with skills and proper education. However, it is very rarely covered what exactly employers actually want from graduates.

Proactivity and Drive.First and foremost, employers want to hire people who have the drive and proactivity to get things done. Engaging with education at a high level is one way to show that you have this drive, but another is to show that even while you are engaging with such education, you are still looking for other ways to improve yourself too. The more you do, the more attractive you are going to look to an employer.

Ability and Talent.Another important element of what employers consider when they’re looking at graduates is their ability and talent. A lot of this can be shown in the results of your education.However,this can also be shown in your ability to engage with multiple pursuits such as extracurricular clubs or additional learning pursuits.

Willingness to Learn.Last but most certainly not least, employers are looking for potential employees that show an aptitude and willingness to learn. Even if an employee is skilled, they are not going to be very attractive to an employer if they aren’t very willing to increase their skillset.

How You Can Engage with Education After Schooling

Another important way that education can help you is by providing a way to continue improving your abilities. Even after you are done with your schooling,there are plenty of avenues of learning available to those who are interested, and most of these have only been improved by the incorporation of more and more advanced technology into the world.

eLearning Resources.One of the most valuable of these technologies are eLearning resources. Tools such as LinkedIn learning and brilliant allow anyone to access a wide library of potential skillsets to begin developing. Plus, these resources often offer education from some of the most highly respected and successful individuals in their fields, meaning that you can get some of the best advice around.

Find Your Passions and Chase Them.Beyond the benefits that these eLearning resources can provide to you, one of the biggest benefits of engaging with education after your formal schooling is that you can chase the passions that you hold dear and make them a reality. So many people hold dreams close to their hearts and never get to see them come true. Education can help you escape that fate.

Why Continuing with Education Can Help Your Career

Beyond the personal actualization benefits that further education could provide to you, one of the most impactful things that additional education can do is help to further your career. Employers love employees that are willing, able, and dedicated to improving themselves.

Keep You Creative.When you engage with education regularly, it can often help to stoke the fires of your creativity and keep your mind working in interesting and nontraditional ways. This can be massively beneficial to business, especially if your nontraditional approaches are heeded by savvy managers.

Helps to Keep Your Memory and Mind Sharp.Beyond that, proper education for an extended period often helps to improve your memory and keep your mind sharp. Intelligent and creative employees are often the most beneficial to any business, which is why education boosting both of these traits can make it so beneficial to your career.

Best Ways to Impress Employers with Your Education

Finally, once you’ve spent a little bit of time improving your education, you might want to consider the best ways to impress upon your employers the depth of your skill and knowledge. Fortunately, there are a few tips that can help to make your employers truly see what you are capable of.

Present Yourself Favorably.The first thing you’re going to want to consider is the way that you are presenting yourself and the depth of your education. This is an important skill set. Whether you are attending an interview, creating your CV, or even just updating your boss on the progress of your additional education. Your attitude towards what you’ve done and the way that you frame your learning can make a massive difference in the way that others perceive it too.

Emphasize Your Drive and Willingness to Learn.One of the most important ways to properly present this information is to make sure that you emphasize the fact that your drive and willingness to learn or what led you to the pursuit of further education. Motivated employees are one of a business’s most valuable resources, and you should definitely try to place yourself in that category.

Identify How You Went Above and Beyond.What’s more, when you can, you should definitely draw attention to the fact that this was not something you’ve had to do but something you did to go above and beyond and improve yourself as an employee. This will further ingratiate yourself to your employer and help them to see that you are a particularly valuable member of their team.