How Ralph and his company, Novelty Ink, sold over 1 million items with automated online stores”

Ralph Delgado of Novelty Ink explains his business’ unique operation tactics and highlights the benefits these produce for his clients. Entrepreneur Ralph Delgado’s family has been in the printing and customization business for over 20 years. The insight he gives into the new and exciting business model through which he runs his company demonstrates his passion and expertise within the customization industry.

Can you please introduce yourself and give us some information about you, Ralph?
My name is Ralph Delgado from Wilmington, CA, entrepreneur and current owner of Novelty Ink. A print on demand e-commerce company that specializes in the fulfillment of custom products. We founded Novelty Ink in 2018 but my family has been in the customization business for over 20 years.

Can you tell us about your path as an entrepreneur and your achievement to success?
I have been selling t-shirts to friends since middle school because of my dad. He had a silkscreen business and that is where it all began. After finishing high school, I became a DJ and founded a concert promotion company and worked with many different artists and touring bands. 99% of our tickets to our shows would sell online. That sparked an interest inside me to see what else we could sell online. Going back to my roots and discussing with my dad, we decided to go back into customization. With my dad’s lifetime of resources and over 20 years of experience we decided it was a perfect match for my online marketing skills I had acquired from my concert company. In 2020 our company has sold over 1 million products online including custom t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, mugs, masks, and much more.

How does Etsy work? Is it suitable for all businesses?
Etsy is an online marketplace for aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs. It’s perfect for anyone at any level who wants to start selling items online.

How much improvement in sales can people achieve by using your service?
Not only are we the manufacturer of all our items, we also help you set up your online stores to make sure it’s profitable in the first month. All our current partners have seen a very profitable 2020. If I was to put a number on it, it would be at least 100% in improvement because we have a solid research team that ensures we are always producing and manufacturing the highest in demand items.

What does the automation program you offer include?
The automation program includes a graphic designer, a customer service rep to answer all your customer messages, a product listing expert and a marketer to make sure your ads are getting maximum returns.

How does your service differentiate itself from its leading competitors?
Our services are very different from other automation programs. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge 10k-30k for our services. Our service is FREE for selected partners. Not only do we want you to succeed and be profitable, we NEED you to be profitable. Our success is tied to yours. If your online store does not sell products, that means Novelty Ink doesn’t have anything to manufacture and fulfill. Everything is made in and shipped directly from Los Angeles, CA

What kind of feedback have you gotten from your clients?
Our feedback has been great! Our clients/partners almost find it too good to be true because of how new this type of business model is. Our team does all the work and the only thing our clients have to do is pay for their products to be shipped out with the revenue we help them bring in. 

How have you managed throughout the COVID-19 pandemic? How have you changed the delivery of your services?
Our sales skyrocketed through the pandemic because of the demand for online products. All of our clients/partners have benefited from these sales as well.

Why do you call your clients, Partners? 
Our clients are our business partners. Their success is directly tied to our success which makes this a business partnership. 

Thank you Ralph for your time!
You can follow up with Ralph Delgado at and Instagram @djralphretro