How to Find Affordable Engagement Rings at Rare Carat?

One of the essential investments anyone can make is an engagement ring. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot. There are many options available in the Rare Carat for engagement rings that are both beautiful and inexpensive.

If you spend a specific amount of money on an engagement ring, you might as well get the most out of it.

Tips for Buying an Attractive Diamond Ring on a Budget

An engagement ring represents your relationship and also the specific connection you two have. For this reason, it’s important to decide on a simply stunning option. If you’re looking for an amazing ring at a reasonable price, follow these steps.

Create a budget plan

It’s important to budget while shopping for an engagement ring. You may have thought the ideal ring should cost two months’ worth of salary. However, diamond marketers came up with that strategy. Don’t overspend; instead, keep to a budget that fits you. Think about your monthly rent, auto insurance, and other fixed monthly costs.

Get innovative and develop a figure within your budget that still meets all of your partner’s needs. You should keep in mind that being thoughtful does not have to cost a lot. Almost every budget can afford a nice ring.

Focus on Cut

To a large extent, Cut is the key factor in a diamond’s overall look. The depth of the table and how nicely the facets are produced are factors that depend on the Cut. A diamond’s brilliance and fire depend on how beautifully it was cut.

A poor cut will make it look flat and dull. We advise only giving Superb and Good cut diamonds deep attention. After that, think about a depth percentage lower than 62.5% and a table percentage lower than 60% for the round cut stones. Check out the recommended diamond shapes if you’re shopping for a non-traditional cut.

Keep your carat weight under

It’s only natural to want to choose a diamond ring that’s 1 or 2 carats, but we advise avoiding having that be your primary concern. You can get a dull 2-carat diamond like such an engagement ring from Rare Carat, or you can discover a gorgeous 0.7-carat diamond such as this round cut in a white gold solitaire ring.

Both of these rings are available from Rare Carat. Since the smaller stone is more brilliant and beautiful, it will attract more attention. Because of this, you should place the diamond’s Cut quality above any other qualities.

Don’t overpay for color

Diamonds are classified on a scale from D, the natural white possible, to Z, the yellowest possible, to show how much of a yellow or brown color they have. A white diamond will often have a color grade between G and I.

Do not overspend on a lower quality diamond (D or E) when a higher quality “F” or “G” diamond will do. Some J or K color diamonds can have the look of being colorless. If you’re looking to save a couple of dollars, consider a J-color diamond that, given its color, will look just as white to the naked eye as an E-color stone would.